Earth Heart, Inc., Doubles Number of Retailers Offering Their Products in Just Six Months

Over 200 retailers in the US and Canada now offer the full line of Earth Heart natural remedy mists for dogs.

Dundee, IL, July 18, 2012 --( Earth Heart Inc., a manufacturer of a broad line of natural remedy mists for dogs, announced today they have signed their 200th retailer to offer the full line of Earth Heart products, including Canine Calm, Travel Calm, Buzz Guard and Guard Well in just six months after securing their 100th retailer in 2011.

“We are very excited about the receptivity to our products,” indicated Vicki Rae Thorne, founder of Earth Heart Inc. “Our relationships with retailers, sales representatives and distributors in the United States and Canada have grown tremendously over the past year and allowed us to increase both awareness and availability of our natural remedy mists for dogs to a much wider audience of dog lovers.”

Katoby Distribution brought the Earth Heart line to retailers across Canada a year ago. “The Earth Heart natural remedy mists are a perfect fit for us,” said Rachel Potvin, co-owner of Katoby Distribution. “We focus on natural and organic products, as well as products you can’t otherwise find in the major stores, so that our retailers can then provide a unique product selection to their customer base, consequently helping them be more unique in their market.”

Paws Natural Pet Emporium in Richland, Washington, now offers the full line of Earth Heart products. “Earth Heart uses natural ingredients in BPA-free containers, which aligns perfectly with our mission to carry quality products that are free from dangerous chemicals,” said Dorothy Hunter, co-owner of Paws Natural Pet Emporium. “We opened our store in 2008 at a time we believed our community needed a health-centered pet store. Now we can bring a wide variety of natural pet products, holistic foods, and supplements to our customers.”

Earth Heart products including Canine Calm, Travel Calm, Guard Well, and Buzz Guard (sold in Canada as Outdoor Care) are made in the USA and packaged in a BPA free and recyclable spray bottle. The products are easy to use, won’t stain or leave a sticky residue on materials or fur, and can safely be sprayed onto your fingertips and rubbed onto the dog’s ear tips and abdomen, or directly onto bedding or clothing. The natural remedy mists are family friendly products, safely diluted for use with puppies as young as eight weeks old, and are recommended by dog lovers, as well as groomers, kennel owners, trainers, veterinarians, and travelers as safe and effective natural remedies.

The full line of Earth Heart products are available for purchase through online and retail stores throughout the US and Canada, via the Earth Heart website at, and by calling 847-551-1806.
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