The Hollywood Rx Records and Ink Pen Mutations Present: Rotting Pussy

All Girl Zombie Death Metal Band Invades Comic-Con

Los Angeles, CA, July 18, 2012 --( "Ink Pen Mutations Press, from Culver City, set up its display on the Comic-Con floor today, displaying five of its cannibalistic, mutated characters featured in its graphic novel Zombie Rock Band Must Be Destroyed and the fourth and fifth installments of the Van Wyck comic series. Ink Press is also pushing its other artistic endeavor—'zombie metal' band Rotting Pussy and their new single: 'Miami: Trippin’ on Bath Salts'— creating a multi-media gore-gasm that more than earned the group's inclusion." -San Diego City Beat.

The Song “Miami... Tripin' on bathsalts” Written by Joseph Michael Furney and David Chamberlin features Vocals By Starla Baker and Ave Rose both Vixens Vol. 1 Alumni. It is being described as sounding like "Marylin Manson being F****d by Pantera!" - Joseph Michael

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