Vasco Catalana Group Has Achieved a Reliable and Secure VPN Environment with AscenLink

AscenVision Technology Inc., the intelligent WAN traffic management solution provider, today announced that Vasco Catalana Group, a 35-year-old logistics transport enterprise, has achieved a reliable and secure VPN environment with AscenLink to optimize communications with its branch offices around Europe.

San Jose, CA, June 22, 2007 --( Vasco Catalana Group (VCG), a logistic transport enterprise with more than 35 years of experiences in the field, headquartered in Spain and has four branch offices in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland respectively. The company was looking for a reliable and affordable VPN optimization solution to maximally boost VPN performance while reducing operational costs. After several unsuccessful attempts with a number of famous network solution vendors, VCG came to Ingecom after consulting its ISP Sarenet. Ingecom, AscenVision's value added distributor in Europe, recommended AscenLink for VCG to achieve VPN load balancing and fault tolerance due to its best price performance ratio and high compliments from a variety of clients.

After the two-month pilot testing, VCG was impressed with AscenLink's functionality and reliability and deployed an AscenLink unit in each branch office. The company achieves secure, uninterrupted, and streamlining communications with one another through AscenLink's patented feature - Tunnel Routing. In addition, AscenLink can monitor the WAN link status in real-time and transparently redirect users to the available one to reduce the potential risk of service downtime. Furthermore, AscenLink's load balancing and fault tolerance algorithms can intelligently distribute traffic across multiple WAN links to improve productivity and network resource utilization.

"Our business performance depends heavily on the network infrastructure. AscenLink delivers a constantly available and reliable network to ensure 100% business continuity," said Gines Fernandez, director of Catalana Computer science of Basque Group, "Besides, AscenLink's transparent deployment mode and web-based administrative user interface greatly simplifies the process of network mitigation and eases our workload in daily network administration and management."

"A cost-effective WAN optimization solution not only improves productivity and
application performance, but also brings more business opportunities," said Robert Martinez, technical director of Ingecom, "In this case, Vasco Catalana Group has incorporated two new delegations after the deployment of AscenLink."

"AscenVision is committed to providing enterprises with the best WAN traffic management solutions at an affordable price," said Jacy Chang, Business Development Manager of AscenVision Technology Inc., "We are pleased that Vasco Catalana Group achieves an optimal corporate Intranet with our solid product - AscenLink."

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The Vasco Catalana Group has been growing gradually. It has opened branch offices in seven cities of the state in addition to Bilbao, and another 8 branch offices in foreign countries.

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