Connects the World. It Brings It to People Across the Globe - in a Package.

CanBeGlobal is a project that brings the world to people. In world famous places and during major events CanBeGlobal collects the atmosphere of the given place into Cans, and CanBeGlobal then sends them in the form of packages around the world.

Los Angeles, CA, July 21, 2012 --( Connecting the world and making it easily accessible for everyone. The founders of the CanBeGlobal project have made these their goals, which are launched by the company of the same name in summer of 2012. CanBeGlobal sends its representatives to many destinations worldwide; these representatives fill the Cans with the atmosphere of special moments and places. The Cans are packaging materials that serve to archive the atmosphere. They then send these packages to all interested parties who can have a piece of Rome, London, Paris, Prague, Vatican and many other significant locations on their shelf at home. The series of packages continue to grow. The project starts with the basic two: European Cities and Religious Places.

"We are the first company on the planet to engage in delivering the world into people's homes," says Daniel Valčík, one of the founders of CanBeGlobal. The inhabitants of this planet can get the atmosphere and mysterious genius loci of many places in the world without leaving their couch.

The founders of the project assume that the packages of each series will become a valuable collector's item.

"Each package is unique and original, because it contains a unique serial number. Moreover, the Cans with the CanBeGlobal brand are filled individually and manually," the co-founder Peter Bača explains, and he adds: "The series are limited, these are not mass-produced goods in a factory, these are products that we create in the particular destination."

You could say that the individual packages are world travelers. First, the filling teams must travel long way with empty Cans from the Czech Republic to the specified location. Here the fillers store the original atmosphere at a unique time, and they close and seal the Cans. Then the packages travel to Prague's logistics headquarters where they are equipped with a certificate of origin, and they head to their new owners with authentic photographs. Therefore, the packages travel thousands of kilometers across the world during production.

"Many people cannot travel due to medical, financial, or other reasons. We can at least bring them closer to their dream destination," says of the project initiators, Daniel Valčík.

The trip across Europe is illustrated on
Who are CanBeGlobal packages intended for? "We are preparing collections and series from various parts of the world and many events, so that everyone can get what they want. The CanBeGlobal atmosphere package raises unique memories in travelers who have already visited the location, and it fully engages the imagination of people who have not visited the location yet; therefore, each destination is different from the others. They all radiate their own unique atmosphere," says Peter Bača.

This will interest tourists who love ancient monuments, believers, or followers of various sports. The packages will include the atmosphere of not only static places, but also the charge of great moments, such as world soccer matches.

How does the archiving of the world take place, and what do the packages contain?

1. A unit of fillers leaves the Prague headquarters for the major world destination equipped with empty Cans.
2. At the given location or during an event they manually fill the limited number of Cans.
3. The fillers seal the Cans, each Can contains a unique serial number - the same as the seal.
4. The CanBeGlobal representatives document and photograph the filling of the Can.
5. They transport the processed material back to the logistics center in Prague.
6. Here the expedition team completes the sealed Cans filled with atmosphere - they add a sealed envelope with a certificate of origin, and photographs showing the authenticity of the content of the Can. All is inserted into the original package. This package then travels to its recipients around the world who have ordered it on the website.

"The collections and series are intended for collectors and all others who want to participate in the phenomenon of bringing the whole world closer, and who want to connect the planet with us," Daniel Valčík concludes.
Daniel Valcik