Uniastrum Bank Launches New Internet Bank Throughout Entire Coverage Area

The lender’s new online banking service is now available nationwide.

Moscow, Russia, July 22, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Uniastrum’s new remote retail banking system 1Bank is a state-of-the-art multifunctional internet bank enabling customers to perform over fifty types of operations online and obtain up-to-the-minute information on their deposits and loans from anywhere in the world. Connection to the system is free and there is no user charge.

The new internet bank also features special information and payment services. Customers hooking up to the system can select their preferred access level.

The information service enables users to obtain full details of their deposits, personal and auto loans, including the amount and date of payments made and due and their credit balances, choose their own payment schedule, find out about card balances and track recent transactions, and receive card and account statements covering any period. Customers can also use the system to pay back loans, transfer money between their own and to other persons’ accounts, exchange currencies at Uniastrum rates, pay for a wide range of services by transferring funds to more than 800 companies throughout Russia, as well as pay for public services, including taxes and fines. Most transactions performed via the system are free of charge.

State-of-the-art technology ensures that maximum security is maintained at all time. In order to access the 1Bank system, users are required not only to type in his or her login and password, but also session keys, i.e. one-time numeric codes used to confirm payment transactions. For more information about the system, call Uniastrum’s 24-hour internet banking help center on 8-800-200-22-44 (for customers outside Moscow) or (495) 744-04-04 (Moscow and the Moscow region).

“With the Internet now an essential part of our daily lives, high-quality online solutions are bound to be among any bank’s most important services, not least because they save time and help make many banking operations a whole lot easier,” notes Marina Lyashenko, Director of Uniastrum’s Retail Products Department. “We are pleased that all our customers, wherever they live in Russia, can now enjoy the benefits of our online banking system, which offers enhanced functionality, security, and a user-friendly interface.”
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Kseniya Chernisheva
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