NullBound Launches a New Referral Program Offering 20% Commission for Customer Referrals

Tampa, FL, June 23, 2007 --( NullBound, Inc., is now offering an exciting new referral program when customers purchase their malware prevention systems. Starting today, the general public is now eligible to receive a 20% commission when they refer colleagues to NullBound.

This referral program is open to anyone and is conditional on very few restrictions. Anyone who refers a new customer to NullBound can make up to $600 on first person referrals (no bulk mailing or marketing referrals). The referred company must make a purchase within 60 days of the referral, or NullBound must be notified within 30 days after a company has made a purchase. It’s like free money, just for referring your colleagues to NullBound.

“This referral program is a great promotion and is an easy way for our existing customers and just about anyone to make some extra cash,” said NullBound owner Shane Ochotny. “It’s just a great way for people to spread the word about our Malware Prevention System.”

Created due to the ever-growing need for protection against spyware, NullBound offers a completely new and advanced filtering system that can be found nowhere else. Not only does this software detect incoming spyware, but blocks it from entering a network by simply watching the traffic. No proxy needed.

“We are proud to have created the most powerful spyware protection available, and even more so to be able to offer a referral program that can’t be beat” said Ochotny. “We truly believe that everyone can benefit from this incredible technology.”

For more information about how this referral program can benefit you, please visit and look for “Referral Program” under “About,” or simply contact Sharin Truitt at (813) 787-1988.

Sharin Truitt