Leading Domestic Lift Company Stiltz Produce Two New Innovative Lifts

Lifts and elevators specialist Stiltz completed the first double entry or through-car lift in Gloucestershire with the Stiltz Duo Lift last year which allows the customer to enter or exit from both sides of the lift.

Wokingham, United Kingdom, July 25, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Stiltz Limited has achieved unparalleled success over the last 12 months after manufacturing and installing two new innovative home lifts in the United Kingdom.

The Wokingham-based lifts and elevators specialist completed the first double entry or through-car lift in Gloucestershire with the Stiltz Duo Lift last year which allows the customer to enter or exit from both sides of the lift.

Using dual rail technology, Stiltz built two half height interlocked doors to substitute the full shaft of a platform elevator. Interlocking landing gates were produced with two sets of light curtains making the lift just as safe as a regular lift. This proved cost effective compared to a stairlift and eliminated the inconvenience which stairlifts can bring to a home.

Stiltz also installed the first Stiltz Trio Lift in Berkshire in the early part of 2012. The elevator is almost identical to the standard Stiltz lift and has a deeper lift car to allow for extra space for a wheelchair.

Stiltz is now working on its first clear or see-through lift which will be completed by the end of July. In addition, Stiltz produced its first bespoke coloured domestic lift this year offering customers the opportunity to choose a colour of their choice for a small extra fee.

The Stiltz elevator was also featured at the ‘Home of the Future’ at this year’s Ideal Home Show at London’s Earl’s Court in April.

Lachlan Faulkner, Stiltz Limited's Director of Business Development, said: “Stiltz lifts give our customers a new lease of life without compromising on the aesthetics of their home. Our lifts are designed to work with the design of the home making them a practical, functional and attractive addition. Whether someone is disabled, elderly or recovering from an injury, Stiltz lifts enable them to access all areas of their home with confidence and ease.”

About Stiltz Limited
Stiltz Limited is the sole supplier, manufacturer and installer of the Stiltz home lift.

The company is based in Wokingham, Berkshire and was founded in the United Kingdom in 2010 and has offices in China. Stiltz gained its experience designing domestic lifts and home elevators in Australia for more than two decades.

Stiltz lifts and elevators are through-floor lifts designed to fit in the home and is the first of its kind available in the UK. Stiltz has developed the lift to make life easier for elderly or disabled people and help them stay in their own homes for longer when the stairs become too much. Unlike stairlifts, the Stiltz lift carries two people comfortably.

The lifts do not need fixing to walls and can be fitted anywhere in a home with no major building work. It has the smallest footprint for a residential lift on the market and is very quiet because it does not use hydraulics.

The Stiltz lift was created in 1994 when its inventor created a prototype and installed it in his own home. Since then with input and technological enhancements from Stiltz and its experienced engineering team, the company has developed a reliable cost effective stairlift alternative.

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