Indusface Broadens Outreach to Chile with Its Next Generation Web Application Security Solution IndusGuard

Partners with Aurasud to provide comprehensive web application security to websites for the South American market.

New York, NY, July 26, 2012 --( Indusface, an award winning information security organization, is pleased to announce its venture into South America in the field of information security. With internet usage at an all time high, South America has close to 200 million internet users. This makes the need for enhanced web application security an absolute necessity as explosive internet growth is directly proportional to increase in cybercrime. Today, 65% of the world’s population has been victimized in cyberspace.

Indusface has partnered with Aurasud, specialists in information security and penetration testing in Chile. Aurasud will be the authorized sales partner for IndusGuard, the flagship product of Indusface, for website and web application security. Indusface chose Aurasud as a reseller for IndusGuard based on its expertise in information security. With its clients ranging across industries, Aurasud has a clear understanding of the South American information security market.

“Aurasud focuses on enterprise security and IndusGuard is the best solution to provide enhanced enterprise web security for organizations in Chile. The advanced web application scanning technology by IndusGuard provides a broad and deep coverage of application security to customers, which is extremely flexible and cost efficient. I believe that IndusGuard will prove to be an innovative and revolutionary product for the South American market with its ground breaking technology and deep understanding of security needs which serve as a perfect differentiator for our core business,” said Francis Robinson C, President & Founder of Aurasud.

IndusGuard by Indusface is a zero touch, non- intrusive, cloud based solution which safeguards websites by daily, automatic and comprehensive scanning of websites for system and application vulnerabilities, and malware. It offers a unique blend of automated scanning and testing of websites, web and mobile applications together with comprehensive testing by security experts, providing businesses with critical vulnerabilities, malware and defacement risk alerts, and blacklisting checks.

“Our international presence is thriving with expansions in Middle East, Africa and Asia. We are now happy to add South America to this list with Aurasud as our dedicated partner in Chile. More recently there has been a huge increase in cyber crime in South America. Therefore web application security has become a very critical aspect for organizations here. IndusGuard with its enterprise class management features provides continuous visibility into the security posture of an organization as a whole and allows them to take quick remedial action and ensure business continuity,” said Venkatesh Sundar, VP Business Development, Indusface.

About Indusface
Indusface is a privately-held, award winning, innovative, visionary, fast growing security company, trusted by fortune 500 organizations across the globe which helps safeguard websites, web and mobile applications using its flagship product IndusGuard.

The web application level which is extremely susceptible to attacks is frequently exploited by hackers who exploit system, application and business logic vulnerabilities to compromise websites, exposing them to online threats and at times implanting malware. IndusGuard by Indusface helps organizations secure their website and web applications with its zero touch, non intrusive, cloud based architecture and next generation technology. IndusGuard does daily, automated, comprehensive, accurate scanning of websites for system and application vulnerabilities, and malware and helps organizations remediate these defects.

With IndusGuard, Indusface helps organizations to improve and strengthen their security posture thereby achieving strategic information security objectives. Indusface’s strong solution for website, web and mobile application security helps organizations to focus more on business continuity, brand protection, long lasting customer relationships, increased productivity and profits, whilst leaving the security empowerment to IndusGuard enabling security teams to keep threats at bay, manage risk and maintain compliance and regulations.

Indusface caters to more than 500 satisfied customers worldwide, which includes Fortune 500 organizations belonging to various industry verticals and enjoys global security partnerships. Indusface is a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India, Nasscom Emerge 50, ChannelWorld Premier 100 and Red Herring Top 100 Asia award winning organization.

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