Interact Incorporated Announces the Launch of Nimblevox, a Flexible Cloud Communications Service

Nimblevox’s hosted IVR, service creation tool, and on-demand deployment provide a convenient solution to quickly bring voice applications, SMS campaigns, and telephony services into production.

Lincoln, NE, July 26, 2012 --( Nimblevox, a flexible cloud communications service, enables virtually anyone to develop, deploy, and manage voice applications, SMS campaigns, and telephony services in the cloud. Nimblevox transforms application development and deployment from what was once a long and tedious management process, into a source of competitive advantage. The web-based solution provides a hosted IVR, along with an easy to use drag and drop service creation tool for creating call flows, voice, and SMS applications. Once created, voice, SMS applications and telephony services can then be deployed to a dedicated phone number via a live SIP channel, and are ready for immediate use.

The service creation tool with Nimblevox allows application designers to concentrate on application innovation and design without the hindrance and time constraints of working with programming languages. This also significantly reduces application development time, allowing applications to be created, modified, and deployed quickly in order to keep pace with a growing and demanding market-place, where time to market is crucial. These benefits all make a developer’s job easier, while at the same time reduces operational costs, and allows services and applications to be deployed efficiently.

Ed McKee, Director of Marketing at Interact Incorporated stated, “Nimblevox was designed to be accessible to any business; we take care of all the telephony management and provisioning, letting organizations focus on their business of innovation.” With a pay-as-you-go price model, Nimblevox provides a cost-effective Cloud Communications solution. “Nimblevox lets you bring voice and SMS applications to market faster, with less risk, and at a lower total cost of ownership.” The solution comes with advanced features that separate it from the competition, such as:

Integrated Advanced Technologies: Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS), and Answering Machine Detection comes standard with Nimblevox.

Outbound Dialing: Create and deploy outbound campaigns in minutes.

SMS: Send SMS using our API. Receive inbound SMS messages via email, or with the API. Create instant polling applications, survey applications, notify for important events, and much more.

APIs: Use our APIs to quickly integrate voice into your existing systems.

Anyone can sign up for a free account at, and receive $20 worth of free credit to begin building your voice applications and telephony services today.

About Nimblevox:
Developed by Interact Incorporated, a software systems company with over 35 years of experience in providing voice and communications applications and solutions, Nimblevox’s goal is to provide our customers with the resources and tools needed to build and grow their business and create cutting edge communications products that solve business problems.

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Ed McKee
Director of Marketing
Interact Incorporated/Nimblevox
Katie Sheridan