Build 4 Mobility, Inc., Has Developed "Best Practices" by Combining Mobility Products and Home Accessibility Modifications for People with Disabilities and Aging-in-Place

Build 4 Mobility, Inc., has initiated its Aging-In-Place model for customers with a complete selection of mobility equipment, orthotics and prosthetics for safety and best quality of life. Providing products just isn't enough for an overall Aging-In-Place model so Build 4 Mobility as a general contractor, also provides Home Accessibility Modifications making sure their customers have the best of both worlds for complete Aging-In-Place capability.

Highland, UT, July 26, 2012 --( Build 4 Mobility, Inc., a Utah based company announces its initiatives for making Aging-In-Place a reality for an aging population.

Build 4 Mobility believes that living well is possible even with mobility challenges by creating an overall environment for barrier-free and independent living at home. By providing customers with both the mobility products and accessibility modifications, they can move comfortably and safely around their home. The mission is to provide mobility and accessibility solutions for the best possible quality of life.

"Our aging population wants to stay in their home and technology, intelligence and opportunity is available to provide it for them. By combining the product needs with the home accessibility modification needs, Build 4 Mobility creates true Aging-In-Place environment," said Chris Duckett, CEO and Co-Founder of Build 4 Mobility.

"We will provide you with a free assessment of your mobility and accessibility needs and by working with your medical practitioners and therapists, create for you an overall better quality of life at home," he continues.

Build 4 Mobility specializes in Mobility products such as Scooters and Power Chairs, Ramps and Vertical Lifts, Stair Lifts and Lift Chairs, Roll-In Showers and Walk-In Tubs, Complete ADA Bathrooms and Kitchens, Door and Hallway Widening, Grab Bars and Rails, Elevators and Ceiling Lifts, Vehicle Lifts and Chair Haulers...basically anything relative to its customers mobility needs.

"Our world-class vendors, suppliers and partners are invaluable to our cause. They continue to provide us with the best possible technology on the planet," said David Griffiths, COO and Co-Founder of Build 4 Mobility.

In the past, if someone had difficulty living by themselves, it was a signal that now was time to move in with family or go to a nursing home. But, for most people, that no longer is the case. Today, people can live on their own for many years, even as they grow older and start needing help with everyday tasks. This is called "Aging-In-Place."

When a person develops a chronic health condition, like diabetes, arthritis, or Alzheimer’s disease, Aging-In-Place means more than just staying put. People need a place to live that is safe and fits with their abilities. People may also want extra funds for family caregivers or for home modifications (such as a ramp or lift) that can extend the time they can live at home.

Americans of all ages value their ability to live independently. But without a plan for Aging-In-Place, it can be hard to stay in control of their life. Knowing one's health risks and financial options can make a big difference in their ability to stay in a familiar place. For helping people to plan properly, Build 4 Mobility provides resources and free home assessments in Utah and will soon be available throughout the United States. If you would like more information regarding Build 4 Mobility, call 800.965.2554 or e-mail
Build 4 Mobility, Inc.
Chris Duckett