Mocamomo Features Chinese Artists with Inaugural iPhone 4 and 4S Case Collection

Collaboration with Shanghai-based NeochaEDGE /// results in iPhone case collection featuring work of China’s leading creative talents.

Hong Kong S.A.R., Hong Kong S.A.R., July 30, 2012 --( Mocamomo Co. Ltd. announced the release of their inaugural iPhone 4 and 4S protective case designs that feature the artwork of eight leading modern Chinese artists. The collection of eight cases is the result of a collaboration between new start-up Mocamomo and Shanghai-based creative agency and production house NeochaEDGE ///. Each of the eight case designs is made of co-polymer plastic engineered to provide protection for iPhone 4 and 4S mobile phones and features enhanced image reproduction quality.

“We couldn’t have imagined working with a better partner than NeochaEDGE ///. They’ve been at the forefront of bringing an emerging Chinese creative industry to the eyes of a wider international audience for several years now,” said Mocamomo’s Canadian co-founder Ed Wong. “We feel that our NeochaEDGE /// Collection features the best of China’s young, modern, visual artists. We believe design and art enthusiasts throughout the world will find this collection as exciting as we do.”

“We're thrilled to be teaming up with Mocamomo on this collection of art-inspired products,” said Adam J. Schokora, co-founder of NeochaEDGE ///. “It's a great chance for audiences around the world to see some of China's best creative talent.”

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About Mocamomo
Mocamomo is a designer and producer of mobile protective cases based in Hong Kong and Toronto. Mocamomo works with leading brands, artists, designers and organizations to bring creative and unique mobile protective cases to the marketplace. For more information, visit

About NeochaEDGE ///
NeochaEDGE /// is a Shanghai-based creative agency and production house that develops inspiring, multi-disciplinary content for the most forward-thinking brands in the world. The agency also curates and represents the EDGE Creative Collective (ECC), an elite group of 400+ leading-edge Chinese creatives drawn from a wide range of creative fields including filmmaking, animation, illustration, graphic design, music, photography, street art, etc. The NeochaEDGE /// web magazine is a daily curated, bilingual publication dedicated to showcasing leading-edge creative content from China. Visit NeochaEDGE:

About The Eight NeochaEDGE /// Artists
Fatty Chen is a Fuzhou-based illustrator and designer who has a unique 3-D style and often features a signature bearded character. One of Chen’s biggest inspirations is traveling and this subject can be seen in many of his pieces. Fatty Chen is a core member of the EDGE Creative Collective.

Hua Tu Nan is one of the leading young forces in the world of Chinese street art. Living in the coastal city of Foshan, Hua Tu Nan's training in classical Chinese and illustration drives his unique street art style. He often explores new ways to combine Western graffiti styles with traditional Chinese methods and elements including ink painting, drum rhythms and a variety of cultural symbols. Hua Tu Nan is a core member of the EDGE Creative Collective.

Huzi is a Shanghai-based painter known for her striking portraits of people. Educated at China's prestigious Academy of Fine Arts, Huzi has participated in group exhibitions through Asia and Europe, and in 2008, held her first solo exhibition at the Eastlink Gallery in Shanghai. Huzi is a core member of the EDGE Creative Collective.

Nan Gua Zi is a Beijing-based creative well known for her talent in a variety of mediums including illustration, painting and photography. Originally from Guilin, Nan Gua Zi graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in animation. Nan Gua Zi is equally adept at bright and colorful illustrations as she is with shooting fantastical fashion photos. She believes a true visual artist needs the skills to be able to communicate in as many modes as possible. Nan Gua Zi is a core member of the EDGE Creative Collective.

Nini Sum is an illustrator, fine artist, printmaker and graphic designer based in Shanghai. Nini is the 2009 winner of the "Cut&Paste" global design contest for 2-D design in China. She has participated in many group exhibitions and for the past few years has gained prominence as the founder of Idlebeats - one of the first screen printing studios in China. Nini is a core member of the EDGE Creative Collective.

Ren Hang is a post-80 Beijing-based photographer who captures the feelings and imagery of emerging youth culture, particularly creative culture, in China. Ren Hang primarily shoots in film and is one of the rising stars of Chinese photography with his well-known provocative style. Ren Hang is a core member of the EDGE Creative Collective.

Tan Se is an independent illustrator who is best known for this works featuring anthropomorphism. Based in Longyan,GuangDong. Tan Se's influences range from Japanese pop culture to wild African animals.

Xiao Mi Ke Ke is a Guangzhou-based creative whose work is chaotic, colorful and fantastical. Often featuring robots, monsters and other imaginative creatures, Xiao Mi Ke Ke’s style is driven by his dreams of alternate realities. Xiao Mi Ke Ke has collaborated with a number of brands including Nike, Kappa and adidas.

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