Linge Shoes Announce Ballet Flats as the Next Barefoot Shoe

Seattle, WA, July 27, 2012 --( Linge Shoes has just announced that they are offering ballet flats that are the next barefoot shoe. The fitness community is familiar with running shoes that are created to embody the feel of being barefoot for running and activity. Some of the benefits of a barefoot shoe include a more natural foot position, comfort and a reduced risk of injury. Going barefoot will ultimately wear down and dirty the feet but a minimalist shoe offers the feel of being barefoot, which creates body awareness and a natural tendency to correct an improper gait.

Linge Shoes is introducing an innovative spin on the barefoot shoe by providing their line of ballet flats that are lightweight, pliable and just as comfortable as being barefoot. This will give women the opportunity to wear their barefoot shoes, outside of the fitness club. The ballet flats are versatile and stylish, and can be worn to work or out for a night of dancing. This means that women can still receive the benefit of the barefoot feel, even when they are not exercising. The style has been trending in 2012 and this allows women a fashionable alternative, unlike the functionally designed barefoot shoe of the fitness industry.

Linge Shoes currently has eight different colors of shoes available and the flats retail at $59.00. Linge Shoes can be contacted directly with questions and comments about their line of genuine leather ballet shoes.


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