Savant Books Announces Release of A. G. Hayes' Novel, "Who's Killing All the Lawyers?" in Multi-eBook Formats

Savant Books and Publications LLC, Honolulu, Hawaii, announces the release of A. G. Hayes' detective murder-mystery novel, "Who's Killing All the Lawyers?" in multiple eBook formats.

Honolulu, HI, July 29, 2012 --( Lawyers are being murdered by LASER-driven arrows. The FBI believes that someone is training a Native American militia to take over the economic system in the U.S. Joe Falk and Susan Koski are assigned to find the hired killer and The Fox, the real force behind the killings.

A. G. Hayes studied writing at UCLA and has authored numerous short fiction works for magazines including "Cover up," "Not a Penny Pincher," "Home," "Payment in Full," and "Small Wonder," as well as "Guided Through a Mine Field" and other scripts to CBS and other television production companies. This is his first novel. Hayes lives in Northern California, and spends his time traveling to nearly every part of the world. He uses personal experiences gained during travel and prior service with British intelligence in Eastern Europe and the Middle East to enliven his plots and enrich the characters of his protagonist team, Falk and Koski.

"I wrote this work to be a high octane story with a serious message," says Hayes. "From its superb beginning ('The man in the tuxedo had an arrow buried almost to the fledge jutting from the left front of his white starched shirt. His right fist, crusted with dried blood, was grasped around the arrow below the flight, indicating he never knew what hit him.') to its explosive, finale, I did my best to make certain the adrenaline never let up."

"Who's Killing All the Lawyers?" by A. G. Hayes - 276 pages - Re-Released by Savant Books and Publications as an eBook in July 2012

This book is now available in softcover book and eBook Kindle, Tablet, iPad, Nook, Sony, Smartphone and Adobe.pdf formats at

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