Dr. Gluck of Gluckradio Conducts Interview on Gentrification

Dr. Errol Gluck, NRC Life Coach and host of GluckRadio podcast, conducted an interview with Wasim Lone and Dexter Wimberly about the effects of gentrification in Brooklyn, NYC.

New York, NY, August 01, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Errol Gluck, host of GluckRadio, discussed gentrification in Brooklyn on his latest episode. The guests on his show were Wasim Lone, an activist for GOLES (Good Old Lower East Side), and Dexter Wimberly (NYC art curator who launched a MoCADA). The two appeared on GluckRadio to discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of the controversial issue, including displacement, landlord greed, and the capitalist undertones of the trend. Dr. Gluck asked his guests whether they thought gentrification was a form of economic improvement and increased safety in the neighborhood. The guests did heed the realities of gentrification as improvement, but said that it creates an economic and cultural conundrum for those who have lived there. The interview ranged from the ethics to the politics to the economies and everything in between.

Dexter Wimberly and Dr. Errol Gluck are both from Brooklyn, and Wasim Lone was born and raised in Africa and moved to NYC in the 1970s.

"It's a hot topic," Dr. Errol Gluck said after the show. "I have mixed opinions about it, as did my guests." Despite the common belief that the issue is black and white, the podcast interview revealed more facets and nuances. "What was great to see," Gluck said, "was how open my guests were to the other side of the coin."

"The interview was really balanced," Exambo, the producer of the show, said. "Wasim brought an activist's specific perspective, and Dexter brought a cultural, more holistic, perspective."

The episode on gentrification was the eighth episode on the self-help and social issue based podcast GluckRadio.

GluckRadio is a weekly podcast hosted by Clinical Hypnotist and Executive Life Coach, Dr. Errol Gluck. Aside from being a NYC hypnosis expert, Dr. Gluck asks provocative questions to some of the most renowned guests in the fields of psychology, media, and health. Additionally, GluckRadio features opposing sides of social issues, like Israel and Palestine, and mediates between both sides. Past guests include Sarah Burge (The Human Barbie), Tom Avitabile, Hattie Retroage, and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez.
Dr. Errol Gluck
After 35 years of hypnosis and life coaching, Dr. Gluck thought he saw it all. Then he started GluckRadio.