Foundation Repair Company Warns of Foundations Issues with Older Homes

Company Urges Owners of Homes Built Over 55 Years Ago to Get Regular Foundation Inspections

Los Angeles, CA, August 01, 2012 --( Julian Construction Inc. ( has recently released a warning to homeowners about potential issues and problems with the foundations on older homes.

Julian De La Torre, founder of Julian Construction, stated “Approximately one-third of all U.S. houses were built over 55 years ago. An older home that has been properly built will usually have considerable longevity. This includes many of the home’s critical components such as its foundation. However, when an older home’s foundation has been incorrectly laid, it can result in problems that get worse over time and eventually compromise the building’s structural integrity. Many homes built prior to 1940 often have foundation problems due to the lack of building regulations and standards, as well as the use of improper equipment and low-quality materials.”

“Older homes can also experience foundation issues if the foundation was laid on clay soil, which expands during wet weather and contracts when it is dry. “Expansive soil” will lift the building when there is a lot of water in the ground, and cause a home to settle when there is moisture loss. The movement of a home due to poor soil conditions can create cracks in concrete slab foundations and walls, in addition to uneven floors, bowed walls, and windows and doors that aren’t properly aligned. An older house’s foundation can also become damaged from settlement if the soil underneath and around the house was not compacted prior to construction.”

“Once a foundation has weakened, it increases the risk of structural failure, particularly during an earthquake. If you live in an older home, regular inspection of your property by a qualified professional is critical. A foundation expert will be able to spot signs of foundation damage, determine the source of the problem, and recommend effective methods of addressing the issue. It’s the best way to ensure your older home continues to stand the test of time,” concluded Julian.

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Shawn Kyles