Music Collaboration App Bndhck Now in Public Beta

Belfast-based web software specialists Crafty Devil, have helped to develop an exciting, new online collaborative music app for the entertainment industry.

Belfast, United Kingdom, August 02, 2012 --( Now in public beta and set for a launch later this year, Bndhck is a new, web-based collaborative music app commissioned by Andrew Ferris - an independent music producer and CEO of Smalltown America (STA) Records.

Andrew was struggling with a collaboration problem that affected not only him, but many of his music industry colleagues too. Every day songs were being created, crafted and recorded. Invariably, lots of ideas, demo versions and lyrics were being shared, emailed, transferred on USB, or even posted on CDs. Email accounts soon got clogged up, dropboxes got filled up and desks became cluttered with unlabelled CDs. Finding the latest version (and knowing what you could and couldn’t delete) was becoming almost impossible and began to get in the way of the creative process.

In response, Andrew commissioned development of Bndhck. The concept was simple - by creating an online environment in which ideas, versions and tracks essentially organised themselves, musicians and songwriters could be free to focus on the core creative process.

Fully integrated with online music sharing platform Soundcloud, Bndhck allows groups of people to create, contribute to, and comment on song "hacks." Users can upload different versions of recorded tracks, and view a history of comments across the entire life of the songwriting process. Online storage also ensures users don’t have to contend with a library of CDs and memory sticks. Recognising the dynamic and sometimes unpredicatable nature of songwriting, Bndhck also allows new users to be added at any time on a track specific basis - all they require is a free Soundcloud account to get started. Consistent with the objective of providing a distraction free, creative environment, the Bndhck web application benefits from a rich, yet highly intuitive user experience.

Andrew partnered with web software specialists Crafty Devil to complete the project - allowing him to benefit not only from the company’s technical expertise, but Crafty Devil’s strong commercial background too.

Andrew says, “I'm delighted with the work Crafty Devil have carried out on this project, more than just developing our ideas they have creatively collaborated with us during the design and build of the service. Their commercial experience has really helped me shape the MVP, refining the initial idea, de-cluttering user experience and bringing an elegant interface to life that impresses everyone we demo to.

“As we roll out the beta product I'm excited about collaborating further with the Crafty Devil team, analysing user feedback together and improving our customers' experience.”

Bndhck is set to launch later this year, but musicians and songwriters can now join the public beta by visiting
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