Gnani Arts Pte Ltd Presents Performances at The Asian Prom Opening Preview Featuring Senior Performers in Singapore

Performances at the Exhibition Opening Preview of The Asian Prom: Dances of Asia in Visual Art. Free Admission.

Singapore, Singapore, August 01, 2012 --( 25 August 2012 at 12 noon sharp at The Gallery of Gnani Arts, #01-17, Tanglin Shopping Centre, 19 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247909. Tel: 6735 3550.

Bharathanatyam & Cross-Cultural Poems of Erotic Devotion presented by Priyalatha Arun

Renowned Bharatanatyam dancer Priyalatha Arun weaves contemporaneous Indian and Chinese love poems (from the 1st to 17th centuries A.D.), harmoniously blending the disparate cultures, languages and musical styles of the two mighty genres to demonstrate the universality of the human experience. In Hindu ethos, the longing for God is often expressed symbolically in the form of a woman longing for her lover. The dancer enacts, through hand, eye and body movements, the entire gamut of emotions of the various roles of women (wives, mistresses, courtesans) within the sentimental scenario of an intense love relationship. Priya has continually epitomised the discipline, dedication, beauty and sheer mastery of the artistry that lies at the very heart of one of the world’s most sophisticated and profound dance forms, Bharathanatyam. Audiences from afar field as Moscow and Adelaide, and from metropolises like London, Chennai and Seoul have been treated to the virtuosity of her performances. She has graced the covers of magazines and has been the subject of television documentaries. She is indeed a graduate of Bharathanatyam from the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society. Priya is also a founder-member of the theatre company, World-in-Theatre, and has acted in its plays such as the Ramayana, The Royal Hunt of the Sun, The Apparatus, Elektra, Two Women for One Ghost and That Clown Called Tartuffe. She has also acted in a Tamil play and musical Taj Mahal that was staged by Singapore’s Ravindran Drama Group.

A Glimpse of Indonesian Collaborative Dance presented by Mita Lestari
Balinese Dance, or the ‘Dance from the Island of Gods’, is one of the jewels of Indonesian culture. However, throughout the years, other Indonesian dance forms have gained more prominence and popularity. Presented by an immensely-talented Mita Lestari, this recital will open with a facet of traditional Balinese Dance. This will be followed by an intriguing and original collaborative item that will be a mellifluous blend of Balinese, Javanese, Sumatran, and contemporary dance forms. Apart from her keen and active involvement in traditional Indonesian Dance, Mita’s choreography generally focuses on contemporary dance which combines various non-Asian dance principles such as Hip Hop and Ballroom. Her most recent accomplishments in dance choreography include her contribution to Prudential Singapore Award Nights in Barcelona and Miami, Baxter Singapore Award Night in Thailand, and in performances for the Singapore Management University and the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore.

Gems of Classical Indian Music presented by Bhagya Murthy
Veteran Bhagya Murthy creates magic with her invigorating and seasoned Indian Classical vocal prowess in this recital that will include some classic favourites from the Carnatic Music genre. Compositions from various South Indian states will be rendered with zest and precision, together with the dynamic live accompaniment of themridangam (classical percussion). Bhagya Murthy’s abundant versatility and dedication to Indian Classical Music needs no introduction. She has performed extensively in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Cambodia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. She has been the lead vocalist for hundreds of dance recitals, temple festivals, music concerts and contemporary dance events. Bhagya was awarded the title ‘Sarva Rithu Kogile’ in 2006 by the acclaimed Keerthi Shilpa Sangeetha Vaahini (one of the largest music companies in Karnataka, India) for her record release of seven music albums at a stretch. She is also a recipient of the prestigious ‘Singaara Puraskaara’ by the Kannada Sangha (Singapore) for her life-time achievement in the field of Carnatic Classical Vocal. Since the past three decades, Bhagya has been providing vocal training to many upcoming artistes in Singapore. Bhagya composes music for stage shows and she is indeed a much-sought-after judge for local television programmes such as Yaar Anda Star.

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