New E-Book Launched on Losing Weight the Healthy Way

Orange City, FL, August 02, 2012 --( Your Wellness Solutions, LLC has announced the launch of its new e-book, Lose the Weight Forever. The ebook encourages the reader to follow a healthy lifestyle and achieve the ideal weight in the process. The book has come out at a time when the United States is facing a pandemic-like obesity situation that needs immediate attention. The author of this book, Isabelle Mathon, attempts to inspire people to initiate healthy living and maintain an ideal body weight at the same time.

Lose the Weight Forever does not offer shortcuts or magic tricks to lose weight. It provides a practical guide of nine basic principles that have been proven to help achieve fitness. These principles help readers apply healthy changes to their lifestyle for a fit body and mind. The author gives her own tried and tested methods, which have helped her lose weight and maintain it over the years. The book contains advice from nutritionists and health professionals to overcome the challenge of losing weight by being ready to make a difference in one’s lifestyle and feeling good about the decision.

Isabelle Mathon shares her journey from being an overweight person to achieving the perfect body mass index, saying that her success lies in the fact that she has successfully managed to keep off the extra pounds for years due to the healthy life style choices she made some years ago. Having experienced it herself, she knows what it takes to maintain the ideal weight, along with all the pitfalls and hurdles one is likely to find along the way. The author wishes to share her story and help others who are in the same boat to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The book includes stepwise instructions to balance meals and shed those extra pounds sustainably in a healthy fashion. It also contains sample exercises for specific areas of the body to help readers enjoy an active and dynamic life. The author also talks about certain foods that have a negative impact of not only inducing weight gain but also causing harm to one’s general health and well being.

About the Author: Isabelle Mathon is a former ballerina. Her background goes beyond classical dancing and includes modern, jazz, rhythmic, ballroom as well as aerobic exercises, weight lifting, cycling, and yoga. After quitting dancing years ago, she struggled with weight loss for a number of years until she changed her life forever and never looked back. During her transformation and throughout the years, she has kept herself engaged in her personal wellbeing by continuously educating herself about fitness and healthy eating and lifestyle.

Over the years she has discovered that weight loss alone does not guarantee a healthy body and an overall good health. She has dedicated herself into finding the right balance to a healthy body, mind, and soul. After a serious injury where doctors had told her that she would have to limit her exercises to only walking, she has been able to go beyond those limitations to become stronger than she ever was, physically, mentally and spiritually. She realizes the power of the mind and knows that if we listen to our body and honor it, we will understand our limits are and know how we can move past them.

She recognizes that weight loss is a life time commitment and a personal decision that needs a strong purpose. For that reason and because of all the gimmicks about weight loss, she made it her mission to educate, inspire and empower her audience and give them the tools to achieve their goals.

About Your Wellness Solutions, LLC: The company was founded with the mission to educate, inspire and empower people so they can take back control of their life. Its primary goal is to disseminate accurate information about weight loss, debunking the myths in the media and bringing about consciousness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle for long term weight loss, overall health, and sustained energy. The company started its mission through the publication of books and plans and has now expanded that mission through articles, forums, and support systems to help people achieve their fitness goals.
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