"PandaBoy: Challenge Accepted" Old-School Platform Game for iOS Launches in August

"PandaBoy: Challenge Accepted" is a cute 2D arcade game with an adorable main character whose goal is to bring an eternal flame to London and save the Games. This family-friendly game may become your best choice.

San-Francisco, CA, August 06, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The 2012 Summer Olympic Games has already heated up everybody's interest. Unfortunately, the Olympic Flame was blown out by the storm. A brave boy in a Panda costume is under pressure: an eternal flame is in his tiny hands and he is carrying it through five continents to London. The trip of PandaBoy is not easy, but he is optimistic and willing to protect the historical tradition no matter what.

The storyline is clear and gameplay is fun. As a gamer you will cover 5 continents with 8 levels in each, additional retro-style challenge mode with 8 levels as well, and a fun tutorial. Leaderboards included. "The team will be creating more worlds and other cool things to fit your interests and expectations. Maybe we will come up with a PandaGirl," says Mark Shegai, ENTROPY Project's team leader. "Our aim is that you simply enjoy playing the game!"

The "PanadaBoy: Challenge Accepted" game was created by an international team of programmers and designers. They have travelled and seen a lot. The gameplay was inspired by today's cultural and geographical diversity around the world. Gamers will enjoy various backgrounds depicting different continents, countries, and particular cities like San-Francisco and Paris. Maybe some people will recognize their own home cities. However, the greatest source of inspiration was world sport competitions that gather sportsmen and sport fans from all over the world in one place. Everybody enjoys sport and good games, and thus "PandaBoy: Challenge Accepted" will meet gamers and sport fans' interests. It will be exciting to contribute to the history of sport.

The game is going to be released in early August 2012 and will be available on App Store/ iTunes.

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Gameplay Video is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaIgkhsOZNs&feature=plcp

About ENTROPY Project

ENTROPY Project is a game development group founded in 2011 by a small international team. We've been working on several iOS games including our upcoming arcade game "PandaBoy: Challenge Accepted". Our mission is to bring well-developed products and joy to people of all ages who miss cute 2D games that are a challenge to play.
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