Stud Construction Products, LLC Announces National Roll Out of New Adhesive Measurement Tool

Stud-Tapeā„¢ Provides a Fast and Accurate Solution for Stud Installation.

Canton, OH, August 02, 2012 --( Stud Construction Products, LLC announced today the national launch of their innovative new patent pending product, Stud-Tape™, designed with both the independent and commercial contractor in mind.

Stud-Tape™, a no stretch, clear adhesive measuring tape acts as a building guide with incremental markings following construction standards for a variety of projects. This makes it easy for construction crews to create precise layouts for roofs, floors, and wall studs more quickly and accurately than ever before.

A blue “S” every 16” helps construction crews locate studs or floor joists, for example. A Red “FT” repeats once every 12” to easily indicate one foot measurements. Each inch is also marked between these primary markings, when you need some extra length. For roofs, each truss is set between red divisions at 24” increments. Roof shingles will be properly aligned, and wall studs easily installed without repeat measuring. This patent pending product is ideal for independent contractors, plus small & large commercial builders and home builders.

As a means of testing the product concept, Stud-Tape™ launched earlier this year at the NAHB International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. Due to the overwhelming positive feedback the product received from builders in attendance, Stud-Tape™ is now being launched nationally, supported by a new website where the tape may be purchased.

Jeff Berring, creator of Stud-Tape™, shares his excitement about the product, “I was thrilled by the positive reception in the marketplace during our initial product launch at the International Builders’ Show. Contractors across the board recognized the benefits of a product like Stud-Tape™, and quickly realized the time savings and improved accuracy this product will bring to the jobsite.”

His partner, Andrew Spriegel, Patent and Trademark Attorney of Spriegel & Associates, LLC commented, “I see hundreds of new products a year, but I invest in very few. From my prior experience as a general contractor, I immediately saw how this product was different. I know firsthand how impactful this patent pending Stud-Tape™ will be in terms of efficiency and precision on the jobsite.”

The intentionally humorous name, Stud-Tape™, is creating additional buzz about the product. Spriegel says, “We created Stud-Man™ as a product mascot, and many of the contractors got a good laugh out of him so we were asked to put the Stud-Man™ character on t-shirts (which, along with the tape, are currently available online), and other items which will be available later this year.”

Stud-Tape's™ unique measuring system is fast and accurate, with precise indicators (down to a minimum of 1/8th inch) making layouts simple and quick for several parts of the home building process including centering a roof system, wall framing, and subfloor installation. In addition, the tape is an inexpensive alternative to traditional house wrap tape.

Patent pending Stud-Tape™ is made in America and can be purchased online at

For more detailed information on the Stud-Tape™ product and its benefits, visit their website at or email

Stud Construction Products, LLC is located in Canton, Ohio.
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