Newly Remodeled Meldrum House Brings Actors Directors and Designers from All Over the Country

The Meldrum House was remodeled by Bonneville Builders LLC just in time for the opening of the Pioneer Theater’s new season, attracting big name actors, directors, and designers throughout the country.

Salt Lake City, UT, August 02, 2012 --( The Meldrum House was remodeled just in time for the opening of the Pioneer Theater’s new season, attracting big name actors, directors, and designers throughout the country. One of the great construction companies in Utah, Bonneville Builders LLC, renovated and remodeled the Meldrum House. The Meldrum House was originally opened in 1907, and has gradually deteriorated for the past century. The new guest house is located on the corner of 13th East and Second South in Salt Lake City.

The cast members, directors, and designers, primarily from New York and Los Angeles, will spend six weeks rehearsing before they get to perform in front of their anxious audiences. This new guest house is an apartment complex owned by the Pioneer Theater Company and is meant to provide actors, directors, and others who work on the sets, a comfortable place to live as they come to Utah and share their talents with the Pioneer Theater Company.

After its renovations, costing approximately $2.6 million, the house will be more than sufficient to offer its temporary guests a home away from home. The Meldrum House, despite its old age, has now incorporated a 21st century feel for its guests while still retaining its vintage architecture. The building was named after Kathy and Peter Meldrum, season ticket holders for the past 25 years, and the primary donor for the building’s transformation. Peter Meldrum, CEO and President of Myriad Genetics, says “We love the theater and we love seeing the Broadway quality shows that Pioneer puts on. The artist housing we felt was a very important part of maintaining and preserving the quality of the theater that we enjoy so much.”

Guest housing is very important to actors who want to have a place to stay that feels more like a home and less like a hotel. However, most apartment complexes require contracts, something that isn’t feasible for actors who travel often. The Pioneer Theater decided to address this problem by offering a guest house for all of its cast members during their stay. Chris Lino, Managing Director of Pioneer Theater, says that “Housing for guest artists is the Bain of every theater producer’s existence. Here they will all be in the same place, all within a five minute walk of the theater, and a five minute walk from restaurants, dry cleaners, pharmacy, and everything they could want while they’re here.”

Bonneville Builders LLC preserved the building’s original architecture because the house was originally constructed in 1907 and has a lot of historical significance, being the first women’s dormitory located west of the Mississippi River. Cowboy Partners, a local company, was able to manage the structure’s 21st century upgrade while still retaining a positive response within the community.

The cast members of “Next To Normal”, the first theater production of the new season, will be the first ones to stay in the Meldrum House, beginning on October 21st. Notably, the building is also in close proximity to the University of Utah. The Pioneer Theater plans on accommodating visiting professors from the University of Utah on certain occasions.

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