Digia Has Implemented Video Analytics System in "Sen-Ekler" Pastry Shop

Saint-Petersburg, Russia, August 03, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Digia RUS, the Russian part of the Finnish IT Services company Digia Plc, has finished the project of video analytics system implementation for “Sen-Ekler” pastry shop. The solution is based on Verint Nextiva VBI platform. Thanks to the new solution, the company’s management will be able to optimize display of goods, increase the average check and improve customer loyalty.

"Sen-Ekler" includes a store where you can buy a variety of tea sold by weight, and a confectionery, offering visitors a wide assortment of teas and desserts.

The project was carried out by the specialists of Russian Digia office together with Verint Systems Inc, Digia technology partner, and included Verint Nextiva VBI hardware-software video analytics platform implementation. Verint Nextiva VBI enables retailers around the world to use video surveillance systems to record and systemize the characteristics of customers movement within a store and retrieve information about where, why and how they buy goods. With Nextiva solutions retailers can determine the time that customers spend in each store section, identify "hot" and "cold" zones, estimate the number of people who come to buy goods. Also, this solution helps to quickly identify products and displays that are most interesting for the customers, to draw attention to the areas which are not very noticeable. Detailed information provided by Nextiva solutions allows placing goods more efficient, evaluating the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns and analyzing the clients’ behaviors.

The first "Sen-Ekler" pastry shop, which began to use video analytics solution, has an area of 100 sq.m. Approximately 20 sq.m. of it belongs to the store and the rest is given to the confectionery. Visitors can try any sort of tea and, if he/she liked it, buy it by weight, or go directly into the confectionery, or to the shop area. Video cameras allow analyzing the behavior of all categories of customers. The software part of the system provides information on the exact number of visitors who have come to the store, with details on the working hours and days of week; distribution of consumers between the store and cafe zones; the vectors of visitors movement around the trading area; the most popular show-cases with tea and coffee on the basis of "hot" and "cold" zones, defined by duration of customers stay in the evaluated area; expected average time of visitors stay at the cafe tables.

This all helps to identify the goods and booths that are most interesting for the customers, draw attention of the analysts to the not very noticeable areas, add to the menu sorts of tea that confectionery visitors will want to taste with the highest probability, and more.

"As a result of the project "Sen-Ekler" management has an opportunity to increase sales both in the store and cafe, primarily due to the optimization of assortment and merchandising, and set measurable KPIs for administrative and sales personnel," says Michael Mogilevsky, CEO of Digia RUS.
Digia RUS
Maria Paisina