Brickpaving Perth Established as One of the Leading Paving Companies in Perth

More People Are Choosing Brick Paving Perth for their Outdoor Paving Projects.

Perth, Australia, August 03, 2012 --( As Paving Perth increase their skills and add new tools and techniques to their stone paving projects, more and more Perth customers are choosing Brickpaving Perth as their paving installers.

When Brick Paving Perth was established only a few years ago, owner Greg Mitchell knew that he was entering a very competitive field. However, that did not deter him from striving to become one of the leading brick paving installers in the northern suburbs of Perth.

Not only is Brickpaving Perth now one of the most sought after driveway paving companies in the northern suburbs of Perth, but it has also become increasingly popular as a preferred verandah paving company in others areas of Perth.

“I was really only concentrating on the northern suburbs of Perth,” owner Greg Mitchell of Paving Perth said. “But when we started getting calls from some of the more outlying areas of Perth, I knew that word had spread!”

“I guess it only takes a few good referrals from satisfied customers for word to start spreading,” Greg continued. “That’s the beauty of specializing in verandah paving and driveway paving: people have their parties and functions on their outdoor paving and people get talking. Someone’s only got to ask ‘who did your paving?’ and that’s another referral for us.”

Brick Paving Perth’s popularity has spread so much that Greg is starting to turn down outdoor paving work in the more outlying areas. “As soon as I hear Mandurah or Rockingham, I immediately tell them to perhaps look elsewhere for their block paving. As much as I wish I could take on all the work, there just aren't enough hours in the day!” Greg says.

Greg plans to hire another complete brick paving team to handle the additional outdoor paving work, but qualified brick pavers with Greg’s attention to detail are hard to come by. “It’s my name on the line, and I'm not going to let just anybody do this work. They’ve got to be the best in the business.”

Greg has personally helped many Perth residents with their outdoor paving projects and has enjoyed watching the value of their homes increase as a result of the work of his work and that of his skilled paving contractors.

Until Greg can find the contractors he is looking for, he will have to keep prioritising the paving installation projects with his current Perth team.

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