Labatt Brewery Canada Installs Pristine LED Lighting and Achieves 75% Energy Consumption Reduction

Pristine LED has announced that their installation of an LED lighting system in the Labatt Brewery plan in London Ontario has produced a 75% reduction in lighting energy consumption, together with a significant lowering of maintenance costs.

Windsor, Canada, August 03, 2012 --( Pristine Led, Inc. is pleased to announce that a partnership with Labatt Brewery, The City of London, London Hydro, Ontario Power Authority and the Government of Ontario – Ministry of Energy to install and verify Pristine’s LED lighting systems in the Labatt London plant has produced excellent results. Labatt has realized a significant lighting energy consumption reduction of up to 75% along with a dramatic lowering of maintenance and replacement costs. The plant has been retrofitted from fluorescent and metal halide lighting to LED over the last several months and work has now started, on converting the Labatt Brewery Edmonton facility due to the excellent results in London. The Ontario Power Authority, City of London, London Hydro and the Ontario Minister of Energy strongly supported the program with the application of the SaveOnEnergy rebate program. This program is available through local utility companies to assist companies to convert to energy saving technologies by offering a rebate on the cost of product and installation for approved projects. By switching to LED lighting, Labatt was able to have a measurable impact on the amount of energy consumed and will greatly assist the City of London in reducing the demand on its electricity system. The saved energy can be diverted to growth areas without increasing demand on the system and will help to reduce incidents of “brown -outs” during peak demand periods.

Bruce Melmer, President, Pristine LED stated, “we are very pleased to have worked with Labatt and the City of London to produce such positive results on energy consumption reduction. “It gives us great confidence in our technology when we see the kind of support we have received from companies and governments because of the many benefits that our LED lighting systems bring to our environment and the economic benefits to these organisations by switching to LED lights. He further indicated that, “we are working with numerous companies and governments across Canada and the US with continued demand and growth for our Windsor based manufacturing plant.” It makes us proud to support the local economy through the creation of
jobs and opportunities with our suppliers in our home community.”


Pristine LED, Inc. is a Windsor, Ontario based manufacturer of state of the art LED lighting systems. Our range of products are designed to replace fluorescent, metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs. Pristine LED’s do not contain any hazardous materials such as lead or mercury vapour and are completely harmless to the environment. All products can be
completely recycled at end of life which removes any waste materials from landfills.
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Bruce Melmer