ClickPoint Software Unveils LeadExec 4.0 at LeadsCon New York; Lead Management Software Firm Introduced New User-Friendly Interface

Scottsdale, AZ, August 03, 2012 --( ClickPoint Software, an innovative software developer offering lead management and lead distribution through one easy-to-use platform, has changed the face of lead distribution and lead management, by unveiling the next generation of lead distribution: LeadExec 4.0. The software innovator introduced its next generation product at LeadsCon the week of July 23, in New York. ClickPoint’s CEO Gabriel Buck introduced LeadExec 4.0 in the general session of the industry event to positive reviews.

“I believe platforms like LeadExec, which is among the most advanced I have seen, are core to the growth of our industry,” said Jay Weintraub, CEO of LeadsCon. “We were very excited and honored that ClickPoint Software chose LeadsCon as the venue for the launch of LeadExec 4.0. Businesses large and small had the opportunity to understand the software, view best practices and see how to best utilize it in order to build more vertical sales.”

LeadExec 4.0 offers one complete solution for every facet of lead capturing, management and distribution. The innovative software features a new user-friendly interface that allows users to effectively and intuitively navigate in real-time and effortlessly utilize the software to its full potential.

“We are looking forward to implementing LeadExec 4.0,” said Skip Gilleland CEO at LeadStart, who was introduced to the software at the event. He added, “We attended LeadsCon to see what’s new and make sure LeadStart is maximizing our efforts; we believe LeadExec 4.0 will be instrumental in our growth strategy.”

Over the years, ClickPoint found customers experienced extreme difficulty with leading software programs in adopting lead distribution and lead management due to complex processes. Studies have also found many users don’t use lead management software to its full potential because of the complexity and financial constraints. LeadExec 4.0 has been designed with ease in mind to ensure any and all users can efficiently and effectively use the complete software.

“Many companies spend huge amounts of human and financial capital developing their own solutions for lead capturing and distribution because other products fail to provide necessary usability,” said Gabriel Buck, CEO of ClickPoint Software. “We provide a solution that allows our clients to tackle these complex issues with little cost and see an increased ROI, in many cases, in as little as 90 days. Our goal is to help clients improve efficiency in their lead generation departments which ultimately helps them save money and focus on creating more leads, not managing the lead generation process.”

The new user interface was designed with simplicity and uniformity in mind and follows the new Windows 8 tablet format. Complex user interfaces in lead generation software has been a continual problem causing most features to be neglected and navigation to be nearly impossible. ClickPoint’s new user interface allows important features to be center stage and practical, easy-to-navigate user interactions allow users to quickly drag and drop items as needed.

LeadExec 4.0 will close the gap between marketing and sales by providing a solution that streamlines processes for both parties. The wizard-based design ensures that both sales and marketing professionals can maximize their efforts through the system’s vast offerings including impressive reporting and analytics –all in real time.

ClickPoint’s products are designed to allow users options of sending information into and out of anywhere in a variety of formats, creating a large sense of flexibility. The products also offer social media integration and integrate with all customer relationship management or lead management systems.

Since customer service is critical to ClickPoint clients, the company provides best-in-the-industry support with video tutorials, online chat and 24/7 email and phone accessibility. The company also offers unique online training through its ClickPoint University.

CEO Gabriel Buck introduced LeadExec 4.0 on Tuesday, July 24, at the general session during the Infrastructure Technology Demos – A Quest to Find the “Adserver” of Lead Gen. In addition, ClickPoint Software hosted a workshop on Wednesday, July 25: Lead Distribution Solutions: Real ROI We Can Prove!, providing a more detailed view into the ease-of-use, capability and more than 200 features of the software.
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