Hudson Horizons Launches DIBICI

Integrated Web Agency Launches Website for Dream Job Discovery

Saddle Brook, NJ, August 03, 2012 --( Hudson Horizons is pleased to announce the launch of DIBICI, a website aimed at helping members discover resources that will help them pursue a career of their choice. Along with a redesign, the website received helpful web integrations that will allow the DIBICI team to reach their goals.

DIBICI - an acronym for “Dream It. Be It. Conquer It.” – helps users find an industry that’s best suited to them. Upon industry discovery, users can connect with members and mentors within the industry’s community, so that they can learn more about the path for that career. Users are encouraged to take advantage of the valuable resources the website offers.

“The DIBICI team had one goal in mind: give members an easy way to follow their dreams, by finding an occupation they are passionate about,” said Robert Durish, web developer at Hudson Horizons. “Everyone has a dream job, and DIBICI helps a person through the steps of making that dream a reality. Users may find a school, job paths, events, friends and even mentors all within their job path. Members can now align their dreams and careers with DIBICI.”

The DIBICI project saw Hudson Horizons not only implement a clean navigational website design, but it also saw strategic web integrations.

A custom content management system (CMS) conversion will provide the DIBICI team with a simple solution to performing the most complex tasks. The career discovery team will be able to use the CMS to seamlessly add, edit, draft, remove and publish content on the website. The CMS also has an SEO benefit that will help the website rank higher on top search engines such as Google.

Along with the CMS conversion, Hudson Horizons included custom user controls that will allow DIBICI to add job types, schools for different industries, companies and industry events. A forum was added so that members may ask questions and participate in industry discussion. Furthermore, users will be allowed to use an in-mail feature to send messages to each other.

The web 2.0 career development website will act as a social network. Users will be able to receive friend requests, message mentors and have social profiles. Lastly, users have the ability to update their friends on their progress with a status update feature.

Hudson Horizons encourages those looking for a new career path to make utility of DIBICI’s new website at

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