Kid on Casting Hub Books Her First Movie

After only being a client of Casting Hub for two months Alex landed her first big break a movie role in the new film 1982.

Wilmington, DE, August 03, 2012 --( When Alex first attended a prescreening audition for Talent Advisers at Casting Hub they immediately saw that she had the spark needed to make it in the entertainment industry. Not only having an exotic look that is very versatile in the industry, she also had the personality to back it up. Alex became a member of Casting Hub’s exclusive community and started auditioning right away. Only a couple of months later she booked her first huge movie role.

The biggest thing that helped Alex get her big break is casting hub’s Top 10 Secrets to Success:

1. Never Give Up (Most Important)
2. Stay in acting or modeling classes to keep you sharp
3. Try to do something to help your career everyday
4. Watch Movies and TV Who are your favorite actors? What do you like about their performances.
5. Perform in front of people. (The more you do it the easier it is)
6. Read your material in front of a video camera and watch yourself perform
7. Memorize your material
8. Learn Improvisation
9. Show your parents all the cool things you learn to get them excited about your new career
10. Never Give Up
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