Now Provides Custom Made Vintage Engagement Rings for Consumers

Williamsville, NY, August 03, 2012 --( Rokstok is an online company that provides bracelets and wedding rings. They have now completed their new selection of jewel studded engagement rings and wedding bands as well as vintage style engagement rings, which are all specifically developed by jewel designer Andrew Moquin. The online company, which also markets ready made engagement rings, has now launched his collection of custom made rings.

More and more companies have made it a point to include custom-made vintage design engagement rings ever since people have demanded them. Because of this ongoing trend of special and unique wedding rings, the market for one of a kind wedding bands have greatly increased. Andrew Moquin has developed quite a collection for Rokstok, Thanks to the new technology Rokstok has acquired, clients can now view an accurate 3D version of the works of art before the process is even completed. This additional perk has made it easier for both Andrew and clients to make sure that the rings come out perfect in every way.

Using machines and programs like those of Rokstok make it much easier for the designer and the company to create the bracelets and in less time too. Thanks to these machines not only does Andrew get to decrease need to carve out the details himself, it also makes the details on the bands finer and much more accurate. If clients want a certain ring replicated or perhaps a certain design they want to be put on the bands, then it wouldn’t be much of a problem because of the machines.

Thanks to Rokstok, clients can now purchase unique and one of a type rings without the stress of going to the stores. Ideal for partners who cannot seem to decide on what designs of tungsten wedding rings they want, these personalized rings can be made according to their individual tastes. Not only are the bracelets more unique because of it’s one of a kind attribute; they are also much more personal for both the bride and the groom. If you want to find special one of a kind rings, then this is the place to do so. To find out more about Rokstok, Phil Moquin and one-of-a-kind wristbands visit our gallery today and select your verragio engagement rings and wedding bands designs.
Renan Caballero
Rokstok has become one of the fastest growing jewelry marketplaces in the world. Our founders have a combined 40 years experience in the jewelry industry while traveling to remote diamond producing countries.