Frausun's Newest Album Explores an Emerging Zombie Plague, Which Begins at a Catholic Mass

Dallas, TX, August 04, 2012 --( The latest album from the band Frausun, Christ Tested Positive, is a 9-song Experimental/Industrial work that explores an emerging zombie plague, which begins at a Catholic Mass.

The virus of faith transforms into a physical one. Christ became infected after the raising of Lazarus. The disease was dormant for years, as generation after generation consumed the blood at mass. It has now awakened:

Interpandemic Period – Cloud Of Infection:
The infection begins when a man exhibits bizarre, zombie-like symptoms after Communion, spreading to other parishioners. Nicknamed by authorities as the Vinum Contagione, or Contaminated Wine disease, investigators try to locate the man in question to determine the cause of the illness and its infectious nature, if any exists. Eventually, hospitals fill as humanity descends into a state of terror.

Interpandemic Period – Found My Golden One:
A couple that parts before the pandemic, find each other once again to reunite before they die from the infection.

Interpandemic Period – My Love Blooms As The World Dies:
In the midst of infection, some seek a cure, while others desire the comfort of love one more time before death takes them.

Pandemic Alert Period – Beauty In Hand:
A pregnant woman is hailed as the queen of the world with the hope her child will be immune to the disease. The stillborn child is cradled by her as she is destroyed.

Pandemic Alert Period – I’m A Monster:
An explanation for the disease is finally discovered to be…

Pandemic Alert Period – Sinners and Saints:
Hope runs out, as well as faith, knowing all are doomed.

Pandemic Period – Last Strings:
Final glimmers of hope sound throughout the world, while survivors try to celebrate the life they will soon leave.

Pandemic Period – Reborn God of Terra Firmer:
All of mankind is dead. Nothing remains. The earth has been cleansed of our presence, while the fertile soil waits for the new ruler of the earth.

Pandemic Period – Virus Flower:
Years pass as the virus begins to mutate, blooming as a flower that takes root in the soil, where nothing remains but a contaminated Garden of Eden.

About Frausun:
Kurtz, with his Slave, DJ Paloma Frausun, and Minion Stargazer, create their Dark Ambient/Gothic/Industrial music and compose experimental videos that utilize religious, historical, horror themes and social issues both on stage and online. They draw inspiration from bands such as Dead Can Dance, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Death in June and film directors Leni Riefenstahl, Fritz Lang, David Lynch, as well as the literary works of Rumi, Nietzsche, and William S. Burroughs. Unconventional tones are utilized, including screams from a mad house, Latin invocations, classical strings, and ambient chants, with hard beats and noise assault.

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Kurtz Frausun