IndoMeet.Com Redefines the Idea of a Virtual Community

Connecting Indians in the US and beyond, redefines the notion of online communities. Different from every other Indian-oriented website, IndoMeet hosts a synergy of offerings, from an interactive social network to Indian-specific articles, to the latest in entertainment buzz.

Miami, FL, June 25, 2007 --( IndoMeet (available online at is the holistic one-stop resource for the hottest Indo-tailored topics on Health & Spirituality, Wealth, and Family. You can stay right where you are for shopping, events & entertainment, travel, and yellow pages.

“So often, there are people living all around us, facing the experiences and issues we face. Ironically, despite the inundation of cell phones, blackberries, and text messaging—it is harder than ever now to keep in touch or even reach out to like-minded individuals” says Editor, IndoMeet. “IndoMeet’s new, India-specific social networking section thus functions as your neighborhood clubhouse.”

The Social Networking section allows members to create their own web site, network, blog, post photographs and videos. They can also create special interest groups as well as maintain their personal calendar, especially with the slew of South Asian entertainment and professional events listed on the website.

IndoMeet also features a comprehensive Indian Yellow Pages and Travel Guide, along with the latest entertainment and shopping portals, the latter being equipped with a high-security online payment facility. To complete the “holistic vision” of the site, IndoMeet’s charity section allows members to enhance the lives of others by featuring organizations that could use a helping hand.

Not only is IndoMeet an ideal, easy place to connect with other Indians but also a great resource on matters connected to Health, Wealth, and Family. So you can catch up with long-lost acquaintances, make new friends, and connect with each other for work or leisure. Additionally, you can access tips on investing in India, starting a family, finding the nearest temple, or learning the latest yoga technique.

“Our new social networking section is the cherry on the cake, forging many links between our members and allowing them to interact,” says Sharmi Saghal, one of IndoMeet’s first members. Come join us today. A Community Awaits You.

Arathi Dar