Bohemian ViennaCC Publishes Song Analysis

Austrian musician ViennaCC publishes detailed song analysis of his newest song "Baby Give Me One More Chance."

Vienna, Austria, August 04, 2012 --( ViennaCC, a music & video producer from Vienna / Austria, analyzes lyrics and music of his song "Baby Give Me One More Chance" in his blog.

This song is on his latest album "Going Out For Summer" and is featured in radio stations worldwide, mainly in the USA. ViennaCC: "It's all about arts. That's moving the world. For me lyrics are more than only words put over an instrumental track. I want to play with words, see it as melody or gunshots out of the mouth." ViennaCC's native language is German. ViennaCC: "I learnt English at school. But soon I found out that lyrics of rockbands are more interesting than sentences in schoolbooks. I learnt more from pop songs than in school."

Why analyze a song? ViennaCC: "Usually songs of big stars are analyzed. But if a song is an artwork, why not describe in detail what is behind the lyrics? I mean, a songwriter wants to express something, puts a message in the lyrics or plays with words. I read about Bob Dylan's songs and now knowing the stories behind I understand better the message behind."

ViennaCC actually has 62,000 followers on twitter and 3.6mio page views on myspace.

ViennaCC played in bands with various genres, from hardrock to dance music. ViennaCC's goal is short and melodious songs, with a kick of 60s style, but with modern sounds and sound effects. Musical roots are beat, pop and indierock. The goal of the recordings is to sound like the Beatles would sound today. Too old to rock? Born 1967-07-30 ViennaCC's message is "Never Give Up."

ViennaCC lives in Vienna, a bohemian lifestyle enjoying music and video production, also producing for other Austrian bands. ViennaCC: "I loathe stress. A waltz in my mind, but a rock guitar in my hand."

ViennaCC was 2x nominated for a New Music Award in Hollywood, and awarded a medal by the International Society of Photographers.

ViennaCC is CEO of the Vienna-based company Internet DienstleistungsGmbH, which contains internet content management, music publishing, two music labels, two video labels, music and video production.
Internet DienstleistungsGmbH
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