Resistive Touchpad Designed for Rugged Mouse Applications

Interlink Electronics announces the release of a new version of the VersaPad, Interlink’s resistive touchpad for rugged mouse applications.

Camarillo, CA, August 06, 2012 --( The VersaPad® can withstand continuous movement over its entire area that totals 118 miles without failure – that’s 32 years of use. The VersaPad® sensor works even in the presence of moisture, grime, or dust—an advantage over capacitive technology. The VersaPad® is an input touchpad solution for fingertip-based cursor pointing or stylus-based pen input for electronic signature and character recognition applications. The sensor outputs both position and force data, which can be used as a user interface for laptops, mobile phones, digital media players or other portable electronics devices."Wake on touch" functionality allows for low power consumption for battery-powered devices. Various graphic overlay materials, including metallic, can be used to create unique design aesthetics. The Interlink VersaPad® touchpad is Interlink's mousing solution for OEM and rugged applications. The module's tough, moisture resistant surface can be used with a finger, stylus, or glove, even in harsh environments.

The VersaPad® enumerates as an HID mouse with Left and Right-Click capabilities using the native Operating System's mouse drivers. A Hardware Development Kit is also available.

More ways to connect
The VersaPad® is now offered in USB, as well as PS/2. The OEM version comes with standard Flat Flexible Cable connectors for quick and easy implementation.

Resistive advantage
As a resistive touchpad, VersaPad® can be used with finger, stylus or glove. Its low power consumption prolongs battery life and simplifies electronic designs. And because it is unaffected by EMI and ESD, it eliminates erratic movements and false clicks.

Integration Information
VersaPad® USB is mounted on a one sided PC board with the circuit on the back and the sensor on the top. The controller chip used for the board is Microchip PIC18F14K50.

Connection Methods
Board to wire connector- with USB type A cable option.Flat Flex Cable Connector (FFC) - The standard OEM VersaPad® version uses FFC connectors for USB and external button connections. Refer to specification for FCI SFV4R-1STE1LF for further details.Flex Cable - The flexible cable, not shipped with the standard module, is designated for insertion into FFC connector. An example cable is Parlex 050R04-76B.

Interlink Electronics is a global leader in the design of patented Force-Sensing Resistor (FSR) technology. For over 27 years, Interlink Electronics’ solutions have focused on handheld user input, menu navigation, cursor control, & other intuitive interface technologies for the world's top electronics manufacturers.

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