Mommy Bloggers Have a New One-Stop Resource for All Their Blogging Needs

Las Vegas blogging group launches new website as a resource for new and seasoned bloggers to learn how to start and maintain a successful blog.

Las Vegas, NV, August 07, 2012 --( Las Vegas group of bloggers launch new website, Mommy Blogger U [MBU], to teach online blogging classes for new and seasoned bloggers. Due to increasing need of online blogging classes that take the learner past watching a video or reading an article, the group realized the need for a one-stop website that offers online blogging classes, affordable marketing services and a personal approach to assist new and seasoned bloggers.

Mommy Blogger U will have an arsenal of blogging classes which will start with an Intro to Blogging and take everyone through the natural process of growing with their blog. The online blogging classes will also cover more difficult topics as the blogger gains experience, such as affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, becoming a brand ambassador and more.

Billie H. commented “I hung up my coaching cap about a year ago to start blogging for myself. Once I started networking with others, I realized that in the 'mommy blogging' world there was a need for this type of service. Everywhere I turn there are people who have either wanted to start a blog and didn’t know how or have been blogging for years and never turned an income. So I dusted off my coaching cap and Mommy Blogger U was born.”

A few of the main features of Mommy Blogger U are:

· Free online blogging classes
· Affordable marketing services
· Personal assistance with one-on-one guidance
· Free tools for bloggers
· Online forum for bloggers of all niches to collaborate

While there is an abundance of information on the internet about blogging, there are not a lot of places for a blogger to actually have human interaction about the topic they are researching. Basically, if you don’t know if something is right for you then how do you know the information is truly what you are looking for?

Danyelle Lorenzo of MBU shared "My husband’s answer anytime I would bring up a blogging question was 'Just Google it.' But that's not the answer, it is pages and pages of conflicting ideas and theories and it makes my head spin and my keyboard quake. Sure, anyone can Google It. But where do you find real answers with training to back it up? Where do you find a community of bloggers just like you to trade ideas and swap stories of success and failure? Not on Google Search, I've been looking for years.

"Mommy Blogger U has heard my, and hundreds of others, call for a collaboration where we can work to our goals, together. Although this is a very territorial field, we often have the same questions. Can you imagine asking a question and in return not only given the resources needed to find the answer to my niche....but homework? School is in, and for the first time in my life - I'm sitting in the front row!”

MBU will offer the blogger every tool needed for them to become successful. One particular item of note is their online bulletin board / forum where bloggers can connect with one another to learn, network and find what they need to make their blog a success within their niche.
Mommy Blogger U
Billie Hillier