Reliance Digital Announces a New Initiative “Mission Happiness”

The initiative will help its customers in getting maximum value out of their electronics shopping.

Delhi, India, August 09, 2012 --( Reliance Digital, the consumer electronics & durables arm of Reliance Retail and India’s fastest growing CDIT retail chain has come up with a novel initiative for its customers to get a feel of a “never-before” electronics shopping experience.

Reliance Digital has embarked on a new initiative “Mission Happiness” where the entire shopping experience for electronic and digital products has undergone a unique transformation.

Reliance Digital is focusing on few major areas that will help its customers in getting maximum value out of their electronics shopping. One of them being ‘Technology & Entertainment Experience Zones’ inside every Reliance Digital store where customers can see, touch and feel technology from the best brands before actually deciding to buy. These specially designed ‘Zones’ will help customers get a real-life feel of all the latest electronics brands.

Another key objective of ‘Mission Happiness’ is to provide expert advice to customers through our in-store advisors who have undergone extensive training. These in-store advisors are always ready to provide detailed information about electronics as well as technology solutions so that the customer is able to make well-informed decisions.

And finally, to make electronics shopping completely worry-free, there is an added focus on Reliance Digital’s in-house service arm Reliance resQ that provides ‘Lifetime product & service support’ through a single window. Reliance resQ – a unique service centre, offers lifetime support across most of the major brands and covers both pre & post sales service and solutions. Key features about resQ are 365 days support, pre-installation guidance, demonstration, installation services, preventive care, repair & diagnostics as well as extended warranty at affordable rates.

Mr Brian Bade, Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Digital said “Our store experience is designed for the customers to appreciate the full potential that their products can deliver, before they buy them. In this age of seamless connectivity, we treat it as our core responsibility to educate customers about the benefits that these products are designed to deliver. Our technology and entertainment experience zones showcase the products in a very intuitive way, while our expert in-store advisors take the customers through the product experience, like a guide, thus helping them to make well informed decisions. Once the purchase is made, we take pride in transferring the same experience to our customers’ homes as well, thus limiting the chances of any post purchase dissonance. Our resQ arm is fully trained and equipped to deliver this experience to the customers’ homes while also ensuring complete support all through the product lifetime thereafter. This from my perspective is the “Happiness” that we promise to bring to our customers’ lives.”

Reliance Digital with 89 stores across 33 cities is now India’s fastest growing CDIT retail chain. During the past year, it has more than tripled the number of stores from 27 to 89.
Soumyashree Saha