Behind the Scenes at the London Olympics the Fanatical Anti-Doping Bureaucracy or Dope-Ocracy, Should be Knocked Off the Podium

Citizen TV station WORLDbytes today launches a programme entitled "Dope-ocracy", which castigates the criminalisation of sports people who take performance enhancing drugs.

London, United Kingdom, August 09, 2012 --( WORLDbytes, the online Citizen TV station, has today launched a programme lambasting the criminalisation of sports-people who take drugs to enhance their performance. In Dope-ocracy, Professor Sam Shuster, a clinical scientist argues that: “You destroy someone’s life and their career; you destroy the pleasure for all of us, all because of some stupid rule for an effect that’s never been proven.”

The vitriol aimed at sports-people who take drugs is everywhere and the suspicion venomous, as doping allegations made against Chinese swimming sensation Ye Shiwen showed. Yet, this programme argues that this is a moral crusade based on fiction. The British Olympic Association has a 24 hour phone line dedicated to reporting doping during the Olympics and GlaxoSmithKline has spent $31 million on testing the Olympic contestants and set up a 24-hour drug testing operation. Yet they have done almost no work on the effects. As Professor Shuster explains: “To prove an effect you need a double-blind, randomised study of the end point – the winning...this disproportion between detection and effects tells you the real story – they are not interested in finding out the effect.”

Dr Mike Fitzpatrick, author of The Tyranny of Health, who also features in the programme, points out: “We’ve reached a situation that to be a competitive athlete requires a higher level of surveillance than if you have been convicted of a criminal offense…sport is now used to morally regulate our lives.”

This programme contends we should kick this Olympian pill panic out of the Games.

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