Citizen TV Training Opportunities

The education charity WORLDwrite’s award winning Citizen TV project seeks volunteers interested in working on change-making programmes, short films and a feature documentary. All volunteers are invited to participate in a part-time package including face-to-face camera training and... - June 24, 2022

Citizen TV Responds to the War in Ukraine with More Than Sympathy

As Putin’s latest bloody attack on Ukraine surpasses its one hundredth day, the charity WORLDwrite’s school of Citizen TV, are providing a unique opportunity for young people to support people fighting for their nation’s freedom and democracy, while working alongside two young refugees from Ukraine. - June 15, 2022

From GB with Love: WORLDwrite's Video Messages of Support for Ukraine and Young Refugees to Join Hackney Film-Makers

Young volunteers learning to shoot with the Citizen TV making charity WORLDwrite, have today launched their first episode of a short solidarity video for Ukraine. - April 05, 2022

The Freedom Babbleon, an Online Event Celebrating Freedom and Free Speech to Take Place This Saturday

The East London-based education charity WORLDwrite is organising a pioneering live event: The Freedom Babbleon on Saturday 19th December. After a year of restrictions and regulations, the idea is to put freedom back on the map as the precondition for a decent life. - December 16, 2020

The Children & Young People Now Arts & Culture Award 2018 Goes to Feisty Charity WORLDwrite and Its Citizen TV Project

Hackney-based charity WORLDwrite was named the winner of the Children & Young People Now Awards 2018 Arts & Culture Award category, for their Citizen TV project WORLDbytes. This is the thirteenth year of the awards, which bring national recognition for projects and services that make a... - November 28, 2018

Manchester Salon to Host Lancashire Premiere of Every Cook Can Govern: The Life, Works & Impact of C.L.R. James

Every Cook Can Govern: The life, works and impact of C.L.R. James – the first feature-length documentary on the great Trinidad revolutionary who wrote for the Manchester Guardian in the 1930s, will screen at Texture, 67 Lever Street, M1 1FL on Sunday 10th September at 5pm. - September 07, 2017

WORLDbytes Launches Pitchfork: The Morning After Pill

WORLDbytes, the online citizen TV station based in London, has launched Pitchfork: The morning after pill, a great piece of investigative reporting on emergency contraception, complete with secret cameras. On the programme, young volunteers challenge the patronising way women are treated when they... - March 30, 2017

Citizen TV Station Launches Ten Questions on the EU

With the EU referendum only a couple of weeks away, WORLDbytes, the Hackney-based online citizen TV station, run by the charity WORLDwrite, has launched the programme EU IN or Out Your Shout: Ten Questions, putting the questions young people feel need answering to the fore. In the short video, ten... - June 04, 2016

WORLDbytes Launches QuestionDine 2015: Election Candidates with Chips

With the UK General Election fast approaching, WORLDbytes, the online citizen TV station, has today launched QuestionDine 2015: Election Candidates with chips a unique programme which puts big political ideas on the menu. On the programme, ten young volunteers sit down for supper with prospective... - April 25, 2015

Citizen TV Station Launches Ten Questions for Election Candidates

With the UK General Election only a couple of weeks away WORLDbytes, the online citizen TV station, has launched the programme Ten Questions For Election Candidates, to tackle the lack of compelling political ideas by mainstream parties head on. On the video, ten volunteer Citizen TV makers demand... - April 17, 2015

WORLDwrite Wins Heritage Lottery Fund Support for Its Multimedia Project Every Cook Can Govern: Documenting the Life, Impact & Works of CLR James

Local young people will be bringing to life the achievements of one of the 20th century’s great literary figures, CLR James, who was born in Trinidad but lived much of his life in the UK and died in Brixton. The Hackney based youth education charity WORLDwrite will run the two-year multimedia... - November 15, 2013

WORLDbytes Volunteers Take Part in 5K Fun-Run to Put Freedom to Film in London on the Map

WORLDbytes, the online citizen TV station has long been a champion of the Freedom to Film and on Saturday the 12th of October its volunteers will be participating in a sponsored Fun-Run in Victoria Park in East London to draw attention to the fight for this essential freedom. WORLDbytes’... - October 09, 2013

International Women’s Day for International Women: Migration Stories

To mark International Women's day, Worldbytes has filmed the migration stories of three "international women." Their lively accounts remind us that freedom of movement across the world is an ideal to be aimed for. - March 08, 2013

Citizen TV Station Launches Programme for Decriminalisation of Abortion

New report by London charity argues for the decriminalisation of abortion, suggesting that widely divergent views on when life matters cannot be solved by science, or the personal predilections of MPs but can be accommodated if it is made a matter of personal choice for the women concerned and doctors who provide abortion services. - October 12, 2012

Riots Programme Suggests Orthodox Views Are Way Off the Mark

New programme looks at causes and ramifications of the riots from diminished parental authority to the patronising nature of youth provision. - September 22, 2012

New Programme on Racism & Football Slams Interference in the Beautiful Game

New programme on football and racism sheds fresh light on demands that football should "clean up its act." - September 22, 2012

Behind the Scenes at the London Olympics the Fanatical Anti-Doping Bureaucracy or Dope-Ocracy, Should be Knocked Off the Podium

Citizen TV station WORLDbytes today launches a programme entitled "Dope-ocracy", which castigates the criminalisation of sports people who take performance enhancing drugs. - August 09, 2012

WORLDwrite & Its Citizen TV Station Pledge Support for First Science "Free School" in East London

School teacher, Dave Perks to set up first science "free school" in East London comparable with the best public schools in the country. - June 16, 2012

WORLDbytes Report Suggests ICC and International Courts Should be Abolished

Citizen TV report takes ICC and international courts to task. - June 16, 2012

New Report Suggests Ethical Shopping is Not a Popular Xmas Choice

In the run-up to Christmas, many charities are encouraging shoppers to treat their nearest and dearest to a fair trade product or an ethical gift from their collections. From Maltesers from Mars to giving a goat to a poor family ethical shopping has become part of high street and online branding. By making moral choices about what you put in your shopping trolley, these charities say, you will not only have a guilt-free shopping experience but will be helping millions to escape poverty. - December 18, 2011

New Film Pokes Fun at Population Fears and Celebrates the News of 7 Billion

To mark the world’s population reaching 7 billion on Halloween 2011, the Citizen TV channel WORLDbytes has launched a hilarious parody of modern day Malthusian thinking. - October 28, 2011

WORLDbytes Report Suggests British Public Not Sold on Nuclear Hype

WORLDbytes, the online citizen TV channel, has today launched a report which investigates public thinking on nuclear power on the streets of East London. As WORLDbytes director, Ceri Dingle says: “The findings are salutary; savvy citizens may worry about waste, but few have completely... - June 16, 2011

Don't Bother Redesigning the Vetting and Barring Scheme, Just Scrap It, Says Youth Education Charity WORLDwrite

Earlier this year, the Coalition government announced the temporary suspension of the Vetting and Barring Scheme under which 9 million people were set to be CRB checked. But will this temporary halt, whilst the government shaves it down along more 'commonsense' lines be a solution and can a... - September 22, 2010

Volunteers to Take Part in Pro-Immigration Run

Young volunteers working with the Hackney based charity WORLDwrite and its citizen TV channel WORLDbytes are taking part in this year’s Adidas 5k Women’s Challenge in Hyde Park on September 5th. Uniquely they plan to run sporting a pro-immigration message. Hoping to raise some serious... - September 04, 2010

Citizen TV Channel Launches with Reports Rejecting the Naturalisation of Unemployment

WORLDbytes, the unique online Citizen TV channel, is delighted to launch its new website to host the channel’s staggering 150 programmes produced by 300+ London citizens in just over one year. With an onus on alternative views to meek mainstream TV, the channel’s new site launches with... - June 24, 2010

Question Dine: A Row is on the Menu

Young volunteers in London grill prospective parliamentary candidates in the run up to the 2010 elections. Over a meal at local East London cafe, the youngsters have a lot of views and give the political candidates, which include outspoken MP Diane Abbott, some tough issues from the war in Afghanistan to Vetting laws in its effect on adult-child relations. - April 30, 2010

Young Volunteers Grill Election Candidates Over Dinner in Question Dine

In the run up to the election the charity WORLDwrite and its News Channel WORLDbytes have developed a unique series of programmes to bring prospective parliamentary candidates closer to the electorate. In Question Dine young volunteers invite election candidates to dinner and give them a... - February 28, 2010

Should We Buy Ethical Gifts for Friends and Family This Christmas?

The volunteer run news channel WORLDbytes run by the education charity WORLDwrite has released coverage of a feisty debate with leading advocates and critics on ethical shopping today. Perfect timing for those considering what to put on their Christmas shopping lists, Ethical Shopping: The Pros... - December 13, 2009

Bitter Sweet Sixteen: UK Vetting Laws

The education charity WORLDwrite and its online news channel WORLDbytes have released a filmed report entitled Bitter Sweet Sixteen attacking government plans to expand CRB checks to under 18s. The report focuses on the concerns of sixteen year old WORLDwrite volunteer Adelah Bilal. As soon as... - December 13, 2009

Online News Channel WORLDbytes Challenges Austerity and Says Don’t Re-Invent the Blitz

Austerity now trips off the lips of every politician. They tell us cut backs and tightening our belts are the order of the day. This filmed report by the online news channel WORLDbytes interviews Jean, Doris and Andy, who lived through the Blitz in East London and tell us of the everyday hardships... - October 28, 2009

WORLDbytes’, Brainchild of East London Based Charity WORLDwrite Raises Tough Questions on the Economy, Jobs, and Housing in a Series of Online Reports

WORLDbytes, the online news channel, has launched its latest round up of hard-hitting news reports and programmes. Instead of the banal media obsession with greedy bankers, expensive politicians and visionless parliamentary reform processes, WORLDbytes tackles real problems affecting us all. - June 06, 2009

WORLDbytes Reports on the Visteon Workers Fighting for a Better Deal

The UK education charity and its alternative news channel WORLDbytes has released a filmed report covering the Visteon protests in Enfield. The report draws out the situation workers faced upon being made redundant and what prompted them to take matters into their own hands and occupy the car part... - June 06, 2009

Unique Gala Night in London Suggests Everything is Possible

An out of the ordinary Gala night where comedic ballet dancer Ian Archer-Watters performs his stunning piece The Swan, en pointe. - January 17, 2009

WORLDbytes Xmas Special Provides Alternative Festive Cheer

WORLDbytes the online news magazine channel launches its Xmas special programme on Friday 12th December. Created by the feisty WORLDwrite crew this Xmas special is full of spice. The programme includes fiery debates, spoof reports and films from Brazil to Brick Lane. On the programme Ethan... - December 13, 2008

The More the Scarier?

The online news channel WORLDbytes for its Xmas special show, reports from the Immigration: the more the scarier debate at the Battle of Ideas festival. The debate was had between an MP, an economist, a campaigner, and a film maker. Young attendees at the debate add their views for this show stopping section of the programme. - December 13, 2008

Growing Pains: Pros and Cons of Economic Dynamism

Despite the global downturn, there are dynamic economies in the developing world experiencing increased wealth, life expectancy, literacy and food security but still millions are left behind. What should we make of what is happening? The short film featured in the latest WORLDbytes programme... - December 13, 2008

Will Youth Engagement Save Democracy?

WORLDbytes the online magazine programme created by the feisty WORLDwrite crew launches its latest show on Friday 14th November with a stirring slot on youth engagement. WORLDbytes’ young crew attended the lively debate at the Battle of Ideas festival entitled From the classroom to the... - November 16, 2008

Women Runners for Open Borders

Carrying the message, unfettered freedom of movement for all and open borders, a team of passionate women are running on behalf of the feisty charity WORLDwrite on the Adidas Women's 5K challenge in Hyde Park in London on 7th September and are sure to stand out from the crowd. Too many people? Too... - September 05, 2008

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