SchmartBoard Releases Family of Surface Mount Prototyping Shields

Arduino Users Now Able to Use SOIC, QFP and QFN Components on Projects.

San Ramon, CA, August 09, 2012 --( SchmartBoard, a company that makes prototyping electronic circuits easier, has expanded its product offering with a family of Surface Mount prototyping shields for the Arduino community. These boards utilize our "EZ" soldering technology to assure fast, easy and flawless soldering. The first 3 boards are SOIC in 1.27mm, 0.65mm and 0.5mm pitches. Each board is available as a bare board with no headers or components or as a kit with everything needed to complete your project. The bareboard suggested retail price is $10 and the kit is $15.

Each Arduino Prototyping Shield includes:

SOT23-6 footprint for prototyping
Onboard reset button circuitry for the Arduino IC
Additional circuit for a push-button switch
5V/GND rail for easy connection
3.3V/GND rail for easy connection
2 footprints for general purpose LEDs
Optional pull-up resistor footprints (Through-hole or SMD) for I2C
3 spare 0805 footprints
Surface mount bypass footprints on the bottom side

The Kit version also includes:

Standard Components
Qty 2 – 1x1 single pin male header, through-hole
Qty 2 - LED green color, through-hole
Qty 2 - 1x8 0.1” spacing stackable female header, through-hole
Qty 1 - 1x6 0.1” spacing stackable female header, through-hole
Qty 1 - 1x10 0.1” spacing stackable female header, through-hole
Qty 2 - Resistor 1k ohm, through-hole
Qty 1 - Push-button switch, through-hole

Optional Reset Circuit Components
Qty 1 - Push-button switch, through-hole
Qty 1 - Capacitor 0.1uF 0805, surface mount
Qty 1 - Resistor 1k ohm 0805, surface mount
Qty 1 – 1x1 Single pin male header, through-hole

SchmartBoard will release many new SMT prototyping shield kits over the next few months to support more SOIC, QFP, DFN and QFN components with multiple pitches.

About SchmartBoard
SchmartBoard™ is committed to helping make the development of electronic circuits faster, easier, and less expensive than previously possible. SchmartBoard's patented "EZ" Technology makes hand soldering of surface mount components fast and flawless. Our products are utilized by engineers, students and hobbyists for simple to complex electronic circuit design work.
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