London Gold and Commodities Exchange Warns Investors of Cold Calling Campaign to Save Money from Fake Investment Opportunities

LGCEX has recently released a notification to investors warning them to be vigilant on the possible dangers brought about by the so called Cold Calling Campaign from unidentified promoters of bogus investment opportunities that may result to losing of thousands of dollars from their financial investments.

London, United Kingdom, August 09, 2012 --( Mr. Howie Brown, London Gold and Commodities Exchange’ International Relation Director said that LGCEX decided to issue a warning due to escalating information they receive from concerned investors about the unstoppable calls they receive offering false investment opportunities.

“Prior to the issuance of the warning of fake investment opportunities from unidentified promoters, we have received number of calls from concerned market participants, informing us that thousands of their actual financial investments have gone in just a minute because of the offered bogus investment opportunities from overseas promoters.”

“The issuance of the warning has helped and stopped the possibility of losing thousands of actual financial investments because we have identified at least 20 active investors who called and informed us that they were about to send large amounts of money to unidentified promoters but they immediately called us upon receiving the warning,” said Mr. Brown.

“Regrettably, the Cold Calling Campaign has already gained exposure to some investors who have already lost large amount of money; in fact, we have identified two investors who lost more than $100,000 of their actual financial investments.”

Mr. Howie Brown said that London Gold and Commodities Exchange (LGCEX) has collected all the information from the investors, particularly those that concerned the fake investment opportunities and used said collected information to refer suspected promoters to the regulatory body of the country that these promoters came from. London Gold and Commodities Exchange (LGCEX) is currently working with the authorities from the country of origin of these suspicious promoters to resolve the problem. At present, it has already informed its counterparts in Us, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.
London Gold and Commodities Exchange
Kevin Alden