Mocsee Inc. Releases in Open Beta Mode, Now Allowing Anyone to Leverage Its Unique Q&A Service, the web app that allows people to ask difficult but important questions launches its open beta, now allows anyone to get answers from the people whose opinions really matter to them.

Tempe, AZ, August 10, 2012 --( Is there room for another online Q/A Service? Megathem says "Yes" and launches its open beta.

Megathem ( launches its open beta. The service –that allows its users to get important information through an original Q&A system- moves out of its private beta, allowing anyone to join.

The premise of the service is simple: the best people to answer certain questions are those who actually know the person who is asking them and/or the context of the question. While most Q&A services focus on general topics, Megathem focuses on questions related to the person who asks. “We believe the general question domain is very well taken care of, but when it comes to asking things about you or the topics that directly affect you, there is not one single service doing a good job,” says Mario Escalante, cofounder of the company.

General questions refer to topics that do not necessarily relate to the person asking. Say for instance that you want to know the events surrounding the French Revolution, or how a certain type of food may affect your body. You will be very well off visiting sites like Wikipedia for the former and Quora, Yahoo Answers, or a good nutrition-related blog for the latter. “The problem arises when you want to ask questions close to home; say you want to know what your worst defects are, or how your performance at work is perceived by your peers. You will not be able to get answers to those questions from any of the traditional Q&A services; even if you tried, you would get strange and off-point useless answers,” he added.

“Questions of such type may sometimes be hard to ask or answer, as they may create uncomfortable situations for those asking or responding who might feel too exposed, or even hurt. The usual result is that –even if we ask the right people- we may not get the most honest and useful answers back. Megathem users are able to ask those difficult questions to the most appropriate audience. They will then be able to answer anonymously –regardless of whether they are also Megathem users or not- hence freely and honestly,” he said.

So far, Megathem has attracted users with different profiles ranging in age and gender. A few companies are also using it to complement their current systems to enhance their internal communications. “Rather than a place to create polls, Megathem is designed to be conversational, hence more casual and appealing for everyday use. Since audience may vary along with the topic of the questions, Megathem is designed to work with the users’ current social of professional networks as well. We believe that as our user base grows, Megathem users will find new applications for it, this is both challenging and exciting at the same time,” he concluded.

Megathem is yet to release its API publicly, and will launch mobile apps for iPhones and Android-based devices within the next few months. is fully owned and operated by Mocsee, Inc. an Arizona “C” corporation that designs and operates web-based services dealing with intelligence, communications and entertainment. For further information contact Company Relations at / Mocsee, Inc.
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