As Children Prepare to Return to School, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Discourages No Nit Policies

According to LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment Service, while the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment suggests that children with head lice should not be excluded from schools, some schools opt to retain no nit policies while others do not.

Denver, CO, August 10, 2012 --( Each state has its own guidelines regarding allowing children back into school with head lice or nits. Some schools have a “no nit” while other schools do not. According to guidelines published in 2004 by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, children who have had a head lice treatment “should not be excluded from school if nits are present ('no-nit' policies are discouraged). Nits found on the hair shaft more than a quarter inch from the scalp are likely already hatched or dead.” Since this is not a mandate but rather a recommendation, some schools have stricter head lice guidelines than do others.

Some schools in the Denver and Boulder areas adhere to this recommendation, while others do not permit students to return to school with active cases of head lice or nits. Parents want to eliminate nits and lice from their child's head but often are unsuccessful. Regardless of the school’s policy regarding lice and nit removal, Wendy Beck, owner of LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment Service, recommends that you bring in the professionals to treat head lice. According to Ms. Beck, who has 17 years experience as a lice professional, the reason that many children continue to have nits and live bugs in their hair is that the head lice have mutated and many have developed a resistance to the chemicals in both OTC and prescription lice removal products. To eradicate head lice, every nit must be physically removed from the head. In Denver and surrounding areas, you can reach LiceDoctors at 720-292-1991.
Wendy Beck