E-World Online E-Waste Compliance Network Achieves 100 Percent Certification with R2 or e-Stewards

Recyclers adhere to highest standard while helping manufacturers comply with states’ electronics recycling laws.

Vista, CA, August 10, 2012 --(PR.com)-- E-World Online, a leading provider of electronics recycling solutions, announced today that its Manufacturer Interstate Take-back System (MITS) is now 100 percent e-Stewards and/or R2 certified. The turnkey e-waste take-back solution for consumer electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) requires all of its recyclers to earn R2 or e-Stewards certifications to ensure that end of life electronics are being processed to the highest standard of environmental responsibility and worker protection while fulfilling every requirement of extended producer responsibility (EPR) regulations.

Widely held as the electronics recycling industry’s gold standard for environmental, health, safety and security requirements; R2 and e-Stewards certifications are granted to recyclers that pass a rigorous certification process that ensures electronics are being handled responsibly and safely from end-of-life to the final stage of downstream processing. Manufacturers such as Sony Electronics Inc., Acer America Corp., Westinghouse Digital, ViewSonic and others that value this accountability have chosen E-World Online’s MITS as their comprehensive EPR compliance solution.

“Many of our clients choose MITS because our managed recyclers are held to a standard that more than satisfies their corporate social responsibility guidelines,” said Robert Erie, CEO of E-World Online. “Managing a robust network of R2 and e-Stewards certified recyclers is beneficial at every level of downstream effort. From consumers having a convenient drop off location to recyclers enjoying additional business, to our OEM clients’ significant reduction in workload, to state departments saving time on our consolidated administration management; it’s a true win-win for everyone involved.”

The MITS network is comprised of 42 certified recycling operations, which manage over 900 contracted consumer drop-off locations. MITS is operating in all 23 U.S. states that currently regulate e-waste collection and recycling under EPR programs, as well as running two voluntary programs in states without regulations. The efficiency and effectiveness of the MITS network has allowed E-World Online to consistently fulfill its clients’ target recycling goals. In addition to utilizing certified responsible recyclers to comply with state requirements, OEM clients enjoy turnkey services such as drop-off location infrastructure, mail-back assistance, real-time reporting, deadline calendar alerts, document completion and liaising with state departments that allow them to focus on growing their core business.

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About E-World Online and its Manufacturer Interstate Take-back System (MITS)
E-World Online administers comprehensive e-waste take-back programs across the country for leading consumer electronics manufacturers. The Manufacturer Interstate Take-back System (MITS) network, comprised of either R2- or e-Steward-certified recyclers, will collect an estimated 60 million pounds of e-waste for some of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers in 2012. MITS is able to offer services in nearly all 50 states and provides manufacturers with a solution to monitor collection progress in real-time and guides consumers with information about local e-waste recycling options in their communities. E-waste accounts for 2-5% of municipal solid waste streams, and according to the EPA, only 18% of e-waste is recycled. E-World Online is a division of E-World Recyclers of Vista, Calif. For more, see www.e-worldonline.com or call (877) 342-6756.

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