Bridgestone Global Partners Releases New Updates to Market Scope Charting Package

Bridgestone Global Partners has recently released additional tools that complement with the previous features on its Market Scope Charting Package system that basically provides trading convenience to active traders and investors. The new enhancement to the package is still offered for free to active clients of Bridgestone Global Partners.

London, United Kingdom, August 10, 2012 --( Recently, Bridgestone Global Partners, a global leading brokerage firm has introduced this trading service to its clients worldwide and received commendable and positive feedbacks. To strengthen its Market Scope Charting Package, the company decided to enhance its functionalities by providing additional features such as:

• Additional New Layouts, Chart Templates and Snapshots – The additional templates and layouts will help traders to manage their accounts much easier than even before. In the Market Scope Chart which can be found at the file menu, traders can browse the add-ons on the charting package. The new and additional templates and layouts will help traders to conveniently save specific set or sets of technical settings and indicators. These saved settings can be used to other charts with just few clicks if the mouse.

• More enhanced Signal Notification through Email – Traders using this package can now have customized technical indicator or price warning directly sent by the Bridgestone Global Partners to the traders’ email addresses. To set a signal, traders need to use the Strategy Menu found in the Market Scope Charts. When setting Strategy Properties, users must set Email Send to True and enter the email address destination in the next line.

• Customized Trading Technical Indicators – Nearly thousand of custom technical trading indicators are made available for free download via Bridgestone Global Partners’ latest Market Scope Chart System.

• Custom Distinctive Skins – User-traders can suitably choose from various unique and exceptional skins to set the background and color palette.

• Tick Volume Indicator – User-traders can also add tick volume to charts by simply right clicking the mouse on the chart package. This indicates the number of price ticks that are shown on the trading channel during the chart’s time interval.

Furthermore, with the release of the new updates of the Market Scope Chart Package, Bridgestone Global Partners still warns traders that trading carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any opinions, analyses, or other information contained is provided as general market commentary, and does not constitute investment advice. Traders are advised to read the policies of Bridgestone Global Partners.
David Jones