Doug Allan Time-Lapse Now Online at Timeframe HD recently signed up renowned cinematographer and adventurer Doug Allan as a contributor of time-lapse stock footage and now his videos are online.

Rodborough Common, United Kingdom, August 11, 2012 --( “His travels to some of the most remote places on the planet make him a perfect choice for our library,” Managing Editor Pip Crosley enthuses.

He made the trip to Easter Island - a wild and remote location few of us can claim on our passports - and captured this stunning collection of time-lapses featuring Moai. These giant stone statues are found all over the Island. The scale of these monoliths is incredible; the tallest being 10 metres high and weighing in at approximately 75 metric tones. They are a perfect time-lapse subject because they are static in the landscape providing such an unusual and interesting foreground subject for moving cloudscapes.

Timeframe’s Managing Editor Pip Crosley announced today that Doug’s footage has been added to the catalogue and is now online. “Although better known for his ice diving and polar bear encounters, Doug is technically and creatively one of the best. We first met whilst filming the BBC Polar Bear Special in 1994 with Sir David Attenborough and I can honestly say that no filming challenge is too great for Doug - the harder the task, the harder he works to achieve it. His Easter Island Moai time-lapse are totally unique,” she says.

“The Timeframehd library is concentrating on acquisition at the moment and this type of unique footage perfectly suits our remit: extraordinary footage from extraordinary places.” Crosley continues, “Quality professional material like Doug’s Easter Island footage, forms the basis of our collection.

Doug Allan’s extraordinary adventures at both Poles are detailed in his new book “Freeze Frame” and Doug’s Easter Island footage is live on the Timeframe site now.”

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