Hudson Horizons Launches Mobile Website for Coney Island Fun Guide

Integrated Web Agency Launches Mobile Website for Historic Brooklyn Attraction

Saddle Brook, NJ, August 11, 2012 --( Hudson Horizons is pleased to announce the launch of a mobile website for Coney Island Fun Guide, an extensive traveling resource for tourists visiting Coney Island. The announcement comes after the integrated web agency launched the tourism website in 2009.

The historic Coney Island, located in Brooklyn, NY, has been a destination filled with entertainment for many years. Equipped with sandy beaches, live music, amusement park rides and other attractions, Coney Island offers a thriving community of entertainment for those of all ages.

Hudson Horizons has mobilized the Coney Island Fun Guide website. This innovation will allow Coney Island visitors to utilize the website’s resources from the convenience of their smartphones. This much-needed feature will help with attraction navigation for users while they’re in the park.

Since Coney Island Fun Guide’s website acts as a valuable resource for the park, it was important for users to utilize a mobile website that was just as simple. Complete with a fun user interface that embraces the warm, traditional Coney Island colors, the mobile website includes fast load up times and ease of discovery amongst the parks attractions.

“Working on the new mobile version of Coney Island was a great experience,” said Don Hailer, creative director at Hudson Horizons. “The client was very supportive of our efforts to give it a different look and feel from their main site. They understood that the needs of a mobile environment are markedly different from that of a traditional website experience. Embracing the modern Web 2.0 design, we gave the mobile version a clean, slick look that makes visiting the site ‘on-the-go’ just as full an experience as if the user were visiting it on their laptops at home.”

Upon visiting the mobile website, users are greeted with events, attractions, places to eat, directions and park deals. If users are unsure how to get from one place to another, a fully-functional, interactive park map highlights all park attractions.

Lastly, the latest Coney Island happenings are also on the dashboard so that users may learn if any events are going on while they’re at the park.

Hudson Horizons is very pleased with the outcome of the mobile website as they continue to make convenient web solutions for their clients.

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