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SEOmoz Coming to Cape Town

Out of 18 top nominations, Cape Town has been chosen to host one of three SEOmoz MozCation Meetups around the world.

Cape Town, South Africa, August 12, 2012 --( Based in Seattle, SEOmoz is a leading SEO software and online marketing company and are also the founders of the largest SEO community on the web with over 250,000 members. Annually the SEOmoz team travel to different cities to share their knowledge with SEO communities around the world.

On July 12, SEOmoz asked their online community to nominate the city they thought would be the best location for the next MozCation Meetup by doing something creative.

The idea of getting MozCation to Cape Town was sparked long before SEOmoz’s call for nominations. Co-founder of White Hatters, Allen Jaffe, spoke at the organisation’s ethical SEO community gathering earlier this year, expressing interest in getting the brains of SEOmoz to visit Cape Town. Having the same interest, White Hatter audience member, and Drive South Africa Director, Andre Van Kets, decided to team up with Jaffe and create one of the winning campaigns as soon as the opportunity to submit nominations was announced.

Van Kets says, “When I saw SEOmoz’s call for MozCation nominations, it was a no-brainer to enter Cape Town. With help from a few friends in the local online industry we managed to produce an entertaining and memorable entry in under 48 hours. We submitted the entry with just over 24 hours to spare and quickly rallied up over 200 tweets which was enough to make the SEOmoz community in Seattle stand up and take notice.”

Under the direction of Managing Director Jaffe, the creative minds at ROI Media and the social media savvy team at Drive South Africa set to work. The MozCapeTown campaign consisted of a website displaying a creative video and infographic, after which a Twitter sprint was released aiming at getting the brains at SEOmoz to notice Cape Town standing out from all the other great potential cities around the globe. In the video, eight main reasons for MozCation coming to Cape Town were presented... on an iPad. The quirky infographic supported the video, and the Twitter sprint saw a flood of tweets hitting the web, targeting tweet-masters who both love SEOmoz, and Cape Town.

After releasing the campaign on Twitter, the online buzz drove traffic to the MozCapeTown campaign website and grabbed the attention of SEOmoz. The winners were announced at midnight on August 4, 2012.

Jaffe says, “Anyone who shares a passion for SEO knows that SEOmoz is a supremely great source for SEO growth, development and knowledge. I’ve always dreamt of getting SEOmoz to Cape Town and am absolutely over the moon that it’s now a reality.”

Three cities have been selected to host MozCation. They are Milwaukee, WI and Portsmouth, NH in the United States and Cape Town in South Africa. Other nominations included Helsinki, Finland; Manchester, England; Dallas, Texas and various cities in Italy.

SEOmoz’s Chief Community Wrangler, Jen Sable Lopez said, “We are all very excited about the opportunity to come to Cape Town. We can't wait to meet the community there. We've already seen the excitement on Twitter and it will be fun to experience it in person. You did such an amazing job setting up the website, creating the video and infographic and rallying others to get involved. We really loved the design, participation and overall community!”

The MozCation Cape Town event will be held in January 2013. Online marketers, SEO strategists, digital agencies and media should keep an eye on the website for event details.
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