A Truth About Abs Review Revealed a Life-Changing Way to Lose Weight

Achieving a good level of health and fitness seem to be an easy thing. However, most people do not know how to get started. Healthieus.com provides an in-depth look at how to achieve good health through a health and fitness guide called the truth about abs.

Austin, TX, August 13, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Healthieus.com recently released a video reviewing the truth about abs. A simple and practical health and fitness guide to reveal the true secret on how one get six pack abs. It exposed the myths that most people believed for years as taught by wannabe fitness gurus. In the video review, it stated clearly that sit-ups and crunches are not the keys to burn or lose belly fat. This is the reason why most weight and fat loss programs available online do not work or simply fail to live up to its promises, according to the reviewer, Katherine McClendon of Healthieus.com.

"The key to a healthy and physically fit body is a combination of both nutrition and workout," says Katherine McClendon. She added, "The truth about abs created by Mike Geary teaches both nutrition and proper workout to not only achieving a good and healthy body, but making the six pack abs visible as well."

The review reveals additional information about this product. One particular point worth looking at the review is that, it talks about health risks associated with belly fat. This is one main reason why one should eliminate the fat deposits across the belly area. It referenced to an article where it cover in details the specific health conditions which can arise due to excessive fats in the belly.

For people looking for a life-changing health and fitness guide, the truth about abs might be the solution. However, Katherine McClendon warns "There is no magic bullet to achieving a healthy body, and it cannot be achieve overnight. Achieving the ideal weight and proper fat loss is a lifetime journey." She added, "To maintain the ideal weight and body figure, it is vital to incorporate a healthy nutrition and regular workout as part of the daily lifestyle."

Besides the video review, Healthieus.com also provide a full review covering the truth about abs in its website, which is available at this link http://www.healthieus.com/the-truth-about-abs-review-of-mike-gearys-weight-and-fat-loss-guide/

To learn more, watch the truth about abs video review at this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rISkWq3Nek
Katherine McClendon