Screenwriter to Write and Publish Comic Book/Graphic Novel

Screenwriter Maurice W has announced plans to write and publish a comic book Graphic novel this winter.

New York, NY, August 14, 2012 --( Following in the footsteps of screenwriters turned comic book/ graphic novel writers such as Joss Whedon (Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Astonishing X-Men comic), J._Michael_Straczynski (Babylon 5, Thor comic, The Amazing Spider-man comic), Screenwriter Maurice W has announced that he has written and will be publishing his first Comic book/Graphic novel.

With a knack for writing scenes and crafting dialogue for interesting and compelling character, Maurice W has become one of the go to guys when scripts need to be doctored or re-written. He plans to translate this into a comic book/ graphic novel format.

When asked about his Graphic novel Christopher Rising, Maurice W explains that it is a coming of age story with a twist.

“Like most teenagers, the main character, Christopher, feels like an outsider. He is kind of orphaned as a baby, so he doesn't know anything about his parents. He is also somewhat awkward and shy and then one day, he discovers that he isn't like everyone else. He has these abilities that he doesn't understand. This only makes him feel more like an outsider and more awkward,” The screenwriter/graphic novel author states. He continues “but this isn't a 'with great power comes great responsibility' kind of story. This a story based in the real world that asks the question: 'How would a society with no super humans, deal with or respond to someone with the kind of abilities that Christopher has?”

Maurice W wouldn't elaborate on the sort of powers that the teenager has, he simply replys “You will have to read and find out.”

The artist for Christopher Rising is Chris Bailey, who has worked as an artist for Marvel, DC, and Image comic books. “It was important that I worked with an artist that could really bring the story to life, and there isn't an artist out there better than Chris Bailey.”

There has also already been talk about making Christopher Rising into a live action movie.

Maurice W has a launched a fund raising campaign on Kickstarters to help finance the publishing and distribution of the project. He is asking that in exchange for some amazing rewards, that people make a pledge and help put Christopher Rising in the hands of those who love character driven stories, high adventure, mystery, action, and all that the comic book/ graphic novel genre has to offer. More information can be found on his website or click on the link for kickstarters: .
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