Author Hunter J. Keane Releases The Rebels- Book Two in the Supernatural YA Shadows Trilogy

Chicago, IL, August 14, 2012 --( Indie Author Hunter J. Keane has released the second book in the Shadows Trilogy. The Rebels is the sequel to the highly acclaimed The Shadows, which debuted in May of 2012. In the second book in the series, Alex Garretty is adjusting to her new life as a demon hunter, while also balancing her romantic relationship with her Guardian, Daniel, and trying to keep up pretenses of being a normal, teenage girl.

Alex travels to New York to face the Guardianship trials and prove her worth as a Warrior and also meets up with her old flame, Josh, who has joined the Rebels. Daniel is sent to track down a missing Warrior and when Josh goes missing, Alex is faced with the hard truth about the danger that is waiting for her. When Alex loses one of them for good, she reassesses whether is she is strong enough for the life that has been thrust upon her. When a group of wayward Rebels comes to Iowa hunting for Alex, everything hangs in the balance.

In The Rebels, we learn more about Daniel’s brother, Eli, and his own experiences as a Guardian. Not everything is as it seemed in The Shadows and we discover that Alex can’t trust anyone- not even herself.

About the Author
Hunter J. Keane lives in Chicago where she surrounds herself with good food, great books and fantastic friends. Her debut novel, The Shadows: Book One of the Shadows Trilogy is a supernatural coming-of-age urban fantasy novel. She is also author of the novel CASTLE, and SHANE: A CASTLE Novella.
Hunter J. Keane