Bridgestone Global Partners Intensifies Forex and Managed Futures Accounts for 2012

For most successful traders and investors, alternative investment is the best option to enhance your investment profitability.

London, United Kingdom, August 14, 2012 --( While some of the traders prefer to directly monitor their trading interests, there are thousands of traders who prefer FOREX and managed futures because of the professional assistance they get from the Commodity Trading Advisors.

You too can have the same success as other traders have achieved through Bridgestone Global Partners’ newest and intensified FOREX and Futures Accounts. Offered only for the current year, Bridgestone Global Partners provides trading assistance through its alternative investment program with some of the most recognized brokerage experts and CTAs.

Bridgestone Global Partners’ Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) are focused on forex managed accounts, options managed accounts, securities futures managed accounts and futures managed accounts. Bridgestone Global Partners, an industry-renowned commodity brokerage and forex firm, is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, member of the Commodity Pool Operator and National Futures Association.

Bridgestone Global Partners is in full support to global investors and traders who wish to try alternative investments by simply allocating a fraction of their capital risk, approximately ten percent of their managed accounts associated to futures, options, foreign exchange and commodities. Although, the investors can freely choose whether or not to deal out a portion of their money to the firm’s alternative investment program, they are still assured of ownership and control of their assets. Bridgestone Global Partners will only serve as an advisor with the right to execute trades using their accounts on behalf of the clients.

Manifolds of trading benefits can be achieved by any trader or investor if he or she chooses the Bridgestone Global Partners’ managed accounts program or any of the firm’s alternative investment schemes. Here are few of the many benefits: full trading transparency and control; account management and reporting in real time; high risk and high return objective; access to trading assistance with professional Money Manager mostly with Series 3 license; liquidity of assets - money that is not presently used for margin can be withdrawn at any time; diversified forex trading discipline using the major currencies only to help traders broaden their horizons; asset diversification particularly on forex, futures, options and commodities; trading opportunities in volatile markets; ability to take part through an individual retirement account, Roth IRA, or through certain company retirement plans; and customization of fees.

Bridgestone Global Partners’ alternative Investment Program or Managed Account Program are designed not only for large and institutional investors, even small investors can utilize the program as their alternative in investing. Any investor who wishes to start any of the firm’s alternative investment programs is required to have a minimum capital of US$10,000. This relatively low minimum requirement allows our investors for an opportunity to start with minimum risk at the same time closely supervise CTAs’ performances.
David Jones