Ultrapure Technology Add to Company Inventory of Cleanroom Disinfectants

Suwanee, GA, August 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Leading cleanroom manufacturers and product suppliers Ultrapure Technology has just announced the addition of several new high performance products to their company inventory. The company will be now be supplying their clients across North America with the very best cleanroom disinfectants to ensure that their manufacturing environments are safe for professional processing.

One of the latest high value solutions to be added to the Ultrapure Technology catalogue is the Decon – Cycle disinfectant. This product has been manufactured to be the requisite solution for pharmaceutical biotechnology and medical device manufacturing environments. The product features a multi-phenolic formula which is designed to clean, disinfect and deodorize any washable inanimate surface. One of the great application advantages for those using this solution is that its powerful enough to kill broad spectrum pathogenic bacteria. As with all Ultrapure Technology products, the organization supplies the Decon Cycle disinfectant directly to meet their clients’ supply demands and offers this solution either in 2oz, 1oz or sterile batches.

Another of the latest products to be added to the company’s catalogue of cleanroom disinfectants is the Decon Clean product. This solution is a cleaning agent which is designed to remove residue from disinfectant agents. The Decon Clean product is suitable for washable, non-porous environmental surfaces and has been tested to be compliant with current industry regulations according to the USP compendium.

Clients can purchase both the Decon Clean product and the Decon Cycle solution immediately for their specific in-house needs. To learn more about the latest solutions available through Ultrapure Technology, please visit www.ultrapuretechnology.com.
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